I’m a graduate student, certified sports nutrition coach, and soon-to-be personal trainer who loves all things food and fitness! Here I share my adventures cooking healthy meals (and inevitably making a mess in the kitchen while doing it!), exploring restaurants and grocery aisles, working up a sweat in the gym, and occasionally indulging in large bowls of coconut milk ice cream. 😉

I believe that a healthy life is a balanced life, and that means nourishing my body with energy-boosting foods, moving regularly, and laughing lots. Sharing and exchanging nutrition and fitness tips with others brings me so much joy; I hope that you’ll find this is a place where you can experience that joy too!

In December 2014, I’ll graduate with a Masters degree in Health Promotion Management and Nutrition Education from American University in Washington, DC. I plan to use my passion, knowledge, and expertise to inspire others to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.

When I have free time, I enjoy searching for the best tuna sashimi in Washington, DC, drinking Champagne with girlfriends, thumbing through gossip magazines in drug stores, listening to live music outdoors,  and taking random road trips.

Read more about my nutrition philosophy here.

Read more about my fitness philosophy here.

  • Jillian @ sprinkle massacre

    Hey! I would love to hear more about your job at Infinity Wellness! We need to chat!! :)

  • Amber

    Sara, it’s Amber, @eatsandexercisebyamber, from instagram! I LOVE your blog’s layout, just reading your page put me in an even better mood, love feeling your energy and positive vibes even through your words although I do miss your emojis <3

    • Sara Stewart

      Hi, Amber!! Thank you for for your sweet comment! <3 I'm so happy we've become IG friends; your page is not only motivating and inspiring, but your food always looks SO yummy! 😀

      I always feel like something is missing when I write emails/comments without emojis – they totally add jazz and pizazz to messages! Sometimes I even THINK in emoji! (I'd totally insert a monkey covering his eyes here, haha).

      Hope you have an amazing weekend! Thanks for checking out my blog, too! I used to post 3 times/week, but it became too much with grad school and work, so I've taken an indefinite break. I hope to start writing again sometime this year, though!

      Love ya, girl! xoxoxoxo

      • Amber

        Sara, oh my goodness YOU’RE so sweet, it truly makes my day when others tell me that what I write (which often takes me a bit to type out my feel good vibes) motivates or inspires them MY FOOD! You are a foodie pic connoisseur compared to me, but thank you 😀

        I know right? Like I just want emojis for EVERYTHING and while we’re at it, emoji needs to step up their game and add some emojis, like a lot of new food ones…just saying! (I’d insert the one eye winking, one open, tongue out here, that’s my favorite one!)

        Of course, I wanted to scope out your page! And oh my goodness 3x a week THAT’S INSANE! And I’m in graduate school as well, and that is A LOT of computer work and reading in and of itself so blogging on top of it can be stressful! Write when YOU feel like it, or when you have time, or don’t at all, your instagram is wonderful enough

        sending love and hugs yours way <3 xoxoxo

        PS. think it's awesome you're going to school for nutrition :]

  • victoria

    Hey, its Victoria aka @parrotlover91.. love your IG account- trying to get healthier myself, have struggled with depression among other issues & meds didn’t work so working on my nutrition, so far its working! Would love it If you followed my IG- love your account, your awesome recipes & advice you give on IG! You are so inspiring! Have a great day! :)

  • Megan

    you are such an amazing role model. I have been severely struggling with an eating disorder and all your recipes have helped me so much I cant thank you enough! I really needed someone like you to help with food choices <3 xoxo