What I Ate Wednesday: Wordless*

by Sara on June 5, 2013

Ā *Almost.

IMG_0180furry alarm clock.

Photo1morning stroll.

IMG_4309cocktail. coffee. critters.

IMG_4284“baby” spinach?

IMG_4291I <3 breakfast.

(2 eggs + 2 whites, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, parmesan; banana drizzled with peanut butter and coconut chips)


bridesmaid duties. (source)

IMG_4304spring (summer?) cleaning


IMG_4315wicked delicious.

(2 slices Udi’s Chia Millet bread, roast turkey, avocado, cheddar cheese)

IMG_4314yes, please!

gym-1024x1024mastering the game face (photo-bomber Phil already has it down) šŸ˜‰

Ā Ā  photo



(1/3 cup oats, 1 scoop MRM vanilla whey, PB2 sauce, banana, walnuts)

IMG_0086might as well move in. šŸ˜‰





NewImage2Ā  NewImage13

NewImage10procrastination giggles.

IMG_0223prophecy. šŸ˜‰


Ā  temptation.

photoin the cabana. dj play that song.

IMG_4311committed relationship.

IMG_4318best meal of the day.

IMG_4320up close and personal .

(sweet potato cooked in coconut oil, coconut butter, cinnamon, walnuts, coconut; Chobani plain)



IMG_4328Tostada Tuesday!

(corn thins, chopped romaine, shredded chicken breast in Frontera sauce, avocado, red onion, Greek yogurt, smoked white cheddar)

IMG_4255every night.


(casein “fudge”—1 scoop ON vanilla creamy vanilla casein and almond milk— with peanut butter and dark chocolate)

wiaw sensible snacking button

food fiesta <—check it out! :)


Happy Wednesday, loves!

It’s been a crazy week (is it really only Wednesday?) with work, apartment hunting (a move is in the works!) and wedding planning (the bride-to-be is in town, and we have lots of last-minute details to iron out), so there’s a good chance I won’t post on Friday. I may pop in, but if not, enjoy the rest of your week, and have a fabulous weekend!

Love you all so so much. <3


A few fun questions for you…

1. What was the last thing you used your debit/credit card for?

Taco sauce and Kevita waters at Whole Foods.

2. What color are your nails right now?

3. Favorite magazines?

So many favorites – Food Network, Oxygen, Cooking Light, Real Simple, Clean Eating, Glamour, Horse and Hound (kidding! but bonus points if you know which movie that’s from! šŸ˜‰ )

4. Baths or showers?

5. Best thing you ate yesterday?

p.s. I finally joined Bloglovin’!

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  • http://twitter.com/FitSwissChick Lucie Pfaendler

    So MANY good thing in this post!! And COGRAS Miss Duchess! Love that title. All your food looks to die for as always. If ok, please look for a bigger appartment so I can move in with you, mk?
    My nails are naked right now! I am longing to take off to NY so I can fill my suitcase with Essie – so much cheaper than here.
    Definitely shower. Lying in hot water is something I can not stand. I get hot flushes, get nervous and dizzy. Not very relaxing :-)
    Have a great week Darling!!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Thanks, love! <3 I am searching for an extra apartment bedroom just for YOU! If I find it, you better come, though! Sandro will have to be okay with this, too….but between all the good food we'll be making, how could he say no? šŸ˜‰ Oh girl, your suitcase is going to be filled with so much nail polish! Hopefully it won't leak/explode on the plane like mine did last time haha. Fortunately it was in a plastic bag, but talk about a mess! When do you leave? I'm SO bummed I'm not going to get to see you! :'(

  • Claire

    Love this post Sarah and many things in it – especially your furry alarm clock :) Breakfast looks insanely good, as do all of your other eats! I last used my credit card to buy newspapers for work this morning, I do it every day and have to buy so many! My nails are currently naked, would like some clear on there but always short of time! My toes, however, are Essie Fifth Avenue :) I’m a real magazine junkie, too many to mention haha. And shower all the way :) Happy WIAW Sara!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Ooh, I love Essie 5th Avenue! Happy Wednesday, Claire! <3

  • http://www.sweatlikeapig.com/ Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Ooo I love the new nail polish! My nails are currently sporting Essie’s watermelon shade. Love!

    I can’t believe there exists such a thing as mini watermelons… I SO need those in my life!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Haha, yes you do, especially since you already have the watermelon nails! šŸ˜‰ xoxoxo

  • Khushboo

    Part of me is extremely happy to see you embracing oatmeal…you can’t beat peanut butter & banana anything right ;)…actually you can by adding in some coconut shavings or chocolate chips (or both)! I’m loving jewel tones lately so I am all over those Essie shades- so fun for flip flop weather!

    Yesterday was my birthday so multiple yummy things were eaten! Because it’s too hard to choose just one, I’m going to have to go with:

    -Spinach & Mushroom Tart
    -Pesto & Mozarrella Pizza
    -Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with French Vanilla ice cream & Peanut Butter and banana flavored ice cream

    …naturally a food coma followed shortly ;)!

    Keeping my fingers crossed the apartment hunt ends soon! Have fun with the bride-to-be, Sara!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Happy belated birthday, m’dear!!! I hope it was the best ever! If what you ate is any indication, it definitely was. šŸ˜€ I’d like a bite (or 50) of everything, especially that chocolate chip cookie cake with vanilla and peanut butter/banana ice cream! Oh. My. Word. YUM. Where did you find that flavor, by the way? It sounds heavenly!

  • http://balancejoyanddelicias.wordpress.com/ Coco

    it’s so true that no one goes to target to get just what they needed šŸ˜‰ So many temptations!

    1. I bought an iphone 5 charger adapter
    2. pink
    3. real simple
    4. bath everyday and shower in special occasion (i.e. never)
    5. yogurt mess with protein cake and blueberries

    apartment hunting? where to?

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m so glad there’s another bath lover out there! Everyone else is saying showers. :-p I’m looking for a new place in Arlington!

  • http://www.starsystemz.com/blog Courtney Violet Bentley

    Good luck apartment hunting! I love moving something about a new place is so refreshing! Your eats are always amazing and always make me hungry! Hello tostada tuesday yummm! Best thing I ate was Indian naan and chickpea curry out here in Thailand, I may have an obsession! Last purchase was some grapefruit for tomorrows breakfast and I love baths! Sending you lots of fun for your bride to bes weekend!!!! I love weddings, the shower and parties!! Have fun! Love + Shine Court

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Thanks, love! <3 Oh my, I love Indian naan and curry – sounds HEAVENLY! Hugs! xoxo

  • http://Www.annatheapple.com/ AnnaTheApple

    Haha I love that tank top! That’s exactly how it was with Ben and me. He didn’t know what hit him and now he can’t escape haha.

    I literally laughed out loud at that guy photo bombing your photo. That’s a great facial expression he’s wearing. It is funny people watching at the gym. Some people do the strangest things when they think no body is looking. Though saying that I probably do some wacky things too without even realising hehe.

    It’s very fitting that you’re the duchess of Wholefoods. What a great title to have earnt :)

    All your photos of food have made me very jealous. Especially the turkey sandwich one. I need more sandwiches like those in my life. I always think they’re never going to fill me up compared to a monster salad with everything but the kitchen sink in. But I guess you can cram a load of fillings into a sandwich too!

    1. I signed up to a 10k race online in a few weeks time and used my debit card for that.

    2 (3?). Sadly my nails have no colour. I can never be bothered to paint them as I chip them so quickly.

    4. Runnersworld of course šŸ˜‰ And food magazines like BBC Good Food.

    5. Showers. I get bored sitting in a bath. Only when I’m ill with I have one.
    6. Tinend salmon on a massive salmon. I adore tinned salmon.
    –> your numbers confused me haha.
    Have a great day xx

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Isn’t that tank top great?! I kind of want to buy one for myself, however I suppose that wouldn’t help me find a guy, would it? šŸ˜‰

  • http://chelseashealthykitchen.com/ Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

    All your food in this post looks insanely good! Sweet potato, banana, coconut, Mexican food, avocado… so many of my favourite foods!

    Last thing I used my credit card for was to buy a movie ticket to see The Hangover III last night. I thought it was good, but not as good as the first one. But as long as Bradley Cooper was in it, I was happy. šŸ˜‰

    Haha I need to do some spring cleaning of my magazine collection too… it’s getting ridiculous. But I hate throwing out magazines that I’ve paid all this money for. šŸ˜› My favourites are Fine Cooking, Cooking Light, Fitness, and Glamour!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I want to see The Hangover III solely for two hours of Bradley Cooper eye candy! šŸ˜‰ Happy Wednesday, Chelsea! <3

  • Danielle

    I want all of your meals! Everything looks amazing. I hope I don’t run into those girl scout creamers! So tempting šŸ˜‰

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Thanks, Danielle! I know, I kind of want to try the creamers because I’m so curious! However if I loved them, then I’d have a problem. šŸ˜‰ A few people suggested using mint extract, chocolate stevia drops, and almond/coconut milk for the Thin Mint flavor and caramel/coconut extracts and stevia for the Samoas. I think I’m going to give both a try!

  • Joyce

    Do you thin out your peanut butter or use powdered pb to make it so deliciously drizzly looking?

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I “melt” my peanut butter when I want ta good drizzle (breakfast photo), and I made a PB2 sauce for the oats by adding a little extra water. :)

  • Miss Polkadot

    Okay, first off: You look gorgeous in the first picture and I wish I could find that shirt around here as these are totally “my” colours. Oh, and can I borrow your furry alarm clock ;)? Much better than any old alarm.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for successful apartment hunting on your part. That can be such a tedious and disappointing process.

    Horse and hound? Nothing like a Notting Hill reference – thanks for reminding me I might need to watch that one again soon.

    One of my favourite magazines is Women’s Health and I’ve become pretty good at buying only that one. Hey, reading magazines in stores to get my dose of food inspiration and gossip, ahem, I mean: important information šŸ˜‰ in is totally normal, right?!

    Aren’t corn thins the best? Rice cakes have become a bit boring to me ever since I tried the corn variety and as you know I tried your pizza rice cake idea on them, too. Mmh.

    Admittedly, my nails are no colour at all right now because I still haven’t decided on which Essie polish to buy. I’m unsure which one would suit me best.

    Happy Wednesday, Sara!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m so glad you caught the Notting Hill reference! You’re the first one! It’s definitely one of the best chick flicks ever made. :)

      Believe it or not, the shirt in the pic is actually my pajamas! They’re my colors too, though – I love any and all things pink! And yes, corn thins are delicious, and MUCH more flavorful than rice cakes! I’m so glad you tried the pizzas; I’ll have to try a corn thin version soon. Happy Wednesday, my dear! <3

  • Sam @ Better with Sprinkles

    I’m not a huge sandwich person, but you just sparked a massive turkey sandwich craving. Looks delicious!
    I’m trying to remember when I last used my debit card…maybe the digestive enzymes, greens powder and kombucha I bought at the health food store? Jesus, I sound like a health freak there šŸ˜‰
    Nails are currently naked – I need to work on that.
    Favourite magazines: Food Network, Cosmo, Women’s Health, Oxygen. I have a massive stack next to my bed that I desperately need to do something with!

    Have a good day Sara! <3

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m not a huge “regular” sandwich person, either, but when they’re grilled with melty cheese and avocado, I’m a HUGE sandwich person! The crunchy buttery bread makes all the difference! Happy Wednesday, Sam!

  • purelytwins

    procrastination giggles — always in a good for those :)

    Love showers but trying to take a bath more often for the relaxation purpose.
    And dogs make the best alarm clocks! HUGS

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Agreed – there’s nothing like waking up to a big wet kiss! Happy Wednesday, ladies! <3

  • Linz @ Itz Linz

    subway lunch an hour ago! (walked there with a friend & walked home – 5 miles total… well worth the lunch!)

  • http://www.runningwithspoons.com/ Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    A tie?! Well then I guess it’s no big deal that I alternate between the two every morning šŸ˜€ And furry alarm clocks are the best kind ^^

    1. To pay my internet bill :( So very exciting.
    2. … what happened to #2??
    3. My nails are baby pink right now, but I’m seriously lusting over In the Cabana.
    4. Actually, the only one I read on a pretty regular basis is Clean Eating, but I have to admit that I take an occasional peak at my mom’s Women’s World on occasion. There’s some pretty interesting stuff in there!

    5. Showers. I don’t have the patience for baths.
    5 #2. šŸ˜‰ I’m going to go with the cereal mess I had for dinner. It had been forever since I’ve had brinner, so it hit the spot just right.

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Ahaha! Thanks for pointing out the number mix-up! Apparently I love #5 and am not so fond of #2? And a big yes to Women’s World…that magazine is FILLED with goodies. :)

  • Krista @ Tiny n Fit

    I used my debit card to get Starbucks iced coffee this morning. Nails- au natural. Mags- Oxygen, Women’s Health, and Real Simple. Showers all the way- cant remember last bath I had. And best thing I ate yesterday was my dinner on repeat- egg white ‘crepes’ with greek yogurt filling.

    I LOVE the corn thin idea for tostadas!

  • Claire @Keeping Up With Claire

    Ooooh, more NASM studying! The #1 thing I remember from studying was gastrocnemius. I used to say gastrocnemius 24/7 and I’m pretty sure my friends and family wanted to punch me after a while.

    The last thing I used my card for was Starbucks, although I used my Starbucks card so that might not count? My nails are currently hot pink but that’s about to change very, very soon. Aaaaand it’s a real shame that those coffee creamers are so bad for us because I bet they make coffee taste ah-mazing. I’m willing to bet, though, that someone on Pinterest has a recipe for healthy creamers that just might satisfy that. And the best thing I ate yesterday…apple cinnamon overnight oats! I’m not really loving hot oats at the moment but overnight oats are my jam.

    In other news, a MOVE?!! I can’t wait to hear about it! I’m currently apartment hunting as well so anytime you want to have a virtual cocktail to let out the frustration that comes along, I’m game. šŸ˜‰ Good luck doll!! <3

  • Beth

    what kind of turkey is on that sandwich? Is it a deli meat? It looks homemade and better than deli meat! Also, what is PB2?
    Your meals looks incredibly delicious. I eat the same boring foods everyday. So tired of them!

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    Aww, sweet puppy dog! :) I am loving the looks of that breakfast, too! I always want every single breakfast that you make! Also, what an awesome idea to use corn cakes for tostadas! I will definitely be giving that a try.

    I hope your week is going well! :)

  • Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    Yum looks like some great meals there! I want to try that banana with peanut butter and coconut chips it looks yum!

    Love that game face Phil photobomb :)

    I am definitely a showers person but we don’t have a bath. When we did have a bath I would have one maybe once a month and loved them more for relaxing than bathing.

    My nails are red but slightly chipped, I need to remove my nail polish!

    Best thing I ate yesterday was probably greek yoghurt mixed with peanut flour and other things.

  • Melissa @ Mouthwatering Morsel

    love these posts. your pictures are always so beautiful. what do you do?! and your foods always look so delicious. annnnnd hello photo bomber phil. šŸ˜‰ hahahaha jk

  • Giselle

    What a great post! Love everything! Fun questions too! Okay, let’s see…
    1. Adding my son onto my gym membership rather than paying each time.
    2. Pink but chipping so need to change!
    3. US weekly, Fitness, Women’s Health
    4. Showers.
    5. Carrots and Sunflower seed butter, obsessed!

  • Rach

    So strange… I have the black-and-white version of that same furry alarm clock! šŸ˜‰

    Also, possibly a dumb question, but what is the difference between coconut oil and coconut butter? And is there a huge difference in refined coocnut oil and unrefined?

  • julie

    the duchess of whole foods?!?? SO jealous – thats so exciting hah – can you show this to the people at whole foods? i feel like you should be given access to something special there. anyways. HOLY delicious sandwich you’ve got there – the cado looks perfection. and i’m in love with your new essie colors – i just painted mine 30 seconds ago in this teal blue color – its darkish in the room right now so i’m not sure what that’s going to be like when i get into daylight…

  • Sophia

    Hello!! I just bought a new phone (goodbye hair salon visits- what a brief affair we had lol) Mine decided to die- I mourned its death and the time we spent together. I confess I don’t even own nail polish! I sound so boring- but I love national geographic and gourmet traveller- (Lucas just introduced me to the gourmet traveller, it’s Australian!) Showers! I have two a day- I told you I was a little clean obsessed lol!. Oddly I feel the need to shower more in the city than the country- I embrace the natural dirt and mess of the wild- but can’t stand the dirt and smog of cities lol! Best thing I ate was a beautiful fried zucchini flower, and beef carpaccio with Parmesan and olive oil. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and love Sophia

  • Kim Hoeltje

    Love the oatmeal with peanut butter and banana! Such a great combo :) And I don’t think I EVER got only what I needed at Target!!

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