by Sara on May 10, 2013

Look what opened yesterday!


The Sno Cone Shack is back! I used to love eating sno scones when I was little—not so much for the taste (c’mon now,  ice cream is my true cold treat love), but for the COLOR. You know—those blindingly bright artificially-flavored syrups that are poured on top of the “sno?” I’d always order the rainbow cone, which was drizzled with red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. The more colorful dye, the better! 😉


Does this bring back memories for you, too? {source}

Even though I’m no longer a huge fan of sno cones, the opening of the shack indicates that spring weather has finally sprung. Take a look at Thursday’s temperature.


Can I get a collective WHEEEE!!? Bring on DA HEAT!

Sunny days like yesterday make me wish I owned a bright red convertible. How fun would it be to cruise around town, top down, shades on, hair blowing in the wind…eating sno cones. Ahh, bliss. But until I find a sugar daddy who will gift me a mini Cooper, a functioning sun roof and walk under the sun will have to suffice.

I’m totally serious about the sugar daddy thing, by the way. 😉

What’s YOUR dream car?

Besides sunny weather, convertibles, and sno cones, you know what else reminds me of spring?


Joking. But I I’m not joking about how delicious yesterday’s pre-workout pumpkin-containing breakfast was.


For those of you who are anti-pumpkin in spring, rest assured, because it also contained very spring-like raspberries. Can we at least agree that it was a season-neutral breakfast? 😉

I woke up with the most random craving for a pumpkin cake roll (for those of you who are unfamiliar, a pumpkin cake roll is a pumpkin sheet cake rolled up with cream cheese frosting filling—aka bliss!) yesterday, but my must eat now hunger pangs meant that baking was out of the question.


So instead, I made  a massive fluffy spiced pumpkin pancake, topped it with a light and creamy cream-cheese filling, and rolled it up.

It felt naughty.  It was (almost) dessert-worthy.  And it was ready for devouring n under 10 minutes.  Triple win.

Pumpkin Protein Pancake Roll-Up with Cream Cheese Filling and Raspberries

serves 1



1/3 cup oat flour (or 1/2 cup oats)

1/4 cup egg whites (or one egg OR two egg whites)

1/4 cup pumpkin

1/2 t. pumpkin pie spice (or cinnamon)

1/4 t. baking powder

2 T. milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)

Sweetener of choice (I used a packet of stevia, but sugar, honey or agave would be great, too)


1/2 cup cottage cheese or Greek yogurt

1 T. light cream cheese (can be omitted)

Sweetener of choice



1. Combine all pancake ingredients in a blender, Magic Bullet, or mini cuisinart. Blend until smooth.

2. Preheat a skillet (make sure to coat it with coconut oil, butter or cooking spray), and pour the batter in the pan, to create a large pancake. Once it begins to bubble a bit, flip it, and cook for another minute.

3. Transfer pancake to plate.

4. Blend cottage cheese and cream cheese in a blender with the sweetener; spread over cooled pancake, and then top with raspberries. Roll up, slice, and enjoy!


The spice in the pancakes, coupled with the creamy sweetness of the cream cheese, and the fresh raspberries was delicious. Yep, dessert-inspired breakfast are a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, let’s chat about…


(how’s that for an awkward transition 😉 )….

Under Armour just launched the third round of their What’s Beautiful campaign, and I absolutely love its concept. This challenge is about encouraging and empowering women to set goals and then GO AFTER THEM. It’s about stepping outside comfort zones; it’s about telling stories; it’s about proving that outer strength comes from WITHIN; it’s about showing that athletes come in all forms, shapes, and sizes.


As part of my partnership with Fitfluential, I’m participating in this campaign to help women—myself included—nurture confident spirits and strong bodies. I’m participating because I want to inspire you to think about—and go after—what makes YOU feel beautiful.

For me, beauty is feeling strong—both inside and out; both physically and emotionally.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.47.40 PM

 When you sign up for the campaign, you declare a goal—big or small— and work as hard as possible to achieve that goal. This can be an individual goal or a team goal; it can be measureable or more abstract—whatever you want! Some women are setting out to run marathons; others are working on re-learning to love their bodies.

Once you set your goal, you create challenges, or mini goals, for yourself that help you achieve that goal. You can also join teams whose missions are in line with your goal.

Here’s mine:

I will strive for TOTAL strength. I will leap beyond my comfort zone and venture into new territory. I will nurture a confident spirit and a strong body. Each day is a perfect day to live my dreams, and I will support, encourage, and inspire others to do so too. 


My profile page lists the teams I’ve joined, as well as the the mini goals (challenges) I’ve set to help me achieve my larger goal. Two of them include:

—Acquire my NASM personal training certification by July.

—Gain 5 pounds of (mostly) muscle.

This is an eight-week campaign, so I’ll be posting periodically about my goals—both here and other social media outlets—and what I’m doing to reach them. The competition will be using the hashtags #whatsbeautiful and #iwill. If you chose to join (or even if you don’t), you can follow along on Instagram and Twitter to stay motivated and dedicated to achieving YOUR goals.

I sincerely hope you join this campaign so that we can all inspire and motivate each other. It’s FREE to participate the competition and it’s going to be FUN. (Plus, there are prizes involved—like Under Armour gear and trips to Costa Rica!).


Anyone—anywhere— can be part of this. All you need is a goal, a positive attitude and a desire to go after your dreams.

You can read more about the campaign and sign up here!

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Under Armour through Fitfluential.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Wherever you are, and whatever you do, I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

I’m looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby tonight (squee!), and celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful mom on Sunday.



I want to know…

Which treats remind you of summertime?

So many for me, but particularly cotton candy at the fair, campfire s’mores, sno cones, and ice cream.

What was your first car? What’s your dream car? 

My first car was a red 1995 used Dodge Neon. It sounded like it was going to fall apart whenever I turned on the engine! 😉 Dream car: a convertible or a pink Vespa!

What makes YOU feel beautiful? What one goal are you working on right now?


Will you be seeing The Great Gatsby this weekend? Wanna go with me?!

  • Brittany Lesser

    yeah!!! love your goal 😀 I’m hoping to get mine as well, but definitely not by july! lol

  • Sophia

    Beautiful goal wanting to inspire! You already achieve it! I am working on becoming a qualified lawyer and specialise in human-rights. I think just focusing on the struggles and beauty within women from all aspects around the world- and the strength within them makes me feel beautiful and appreciate my femininity :) Summer is the ocean, fresh grilled sausages and sea-food with fresh bread and ripe tomatos- gelato-mangos-milkshakes….. I am so boring- I want a hybrid Prius- sexy lol. Lucky girl say hi to Leo for me! I’m not seeing it- I never get to the cinema- I love the book too so I bet it will be great! Love and hugs- and happy mothers day to your gorgeous Mama- Sophia

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I love your goal, Sophia, and know your huge heart is going to impact so many women’s lives! Thank you for doing what you’re doing; we need more women like you. <3

      Mmm gelato mango milkshakes sound incredibly delicious! Please give your mom an extra hug from me! Happy Friday, dear friend! xoxo

  • Khushboo

    LOve your goals and can’t wait you see them crush them both, Sara… I have no doubt it :)! SO jealous you’re going to see The Great Gatsby tonight- please keep us posted how it is…I can’t wait till it comes out in Mumbai! I read the novel in junior year in high school and it’s still one of my favorites till date! Especially after we analysed it in depth, my appreciation for the book increased so much more…and you can’t beat the eye candy courtesy of Mr. DiCaprio ;)!

    Love the pancake roll-up recipe…it reminds me of a cannoli! I bet you can remix the flavor with various different fillers…mm suddenly the new Chobani bite flavors come to mind- DO IT :)!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Oooh, I love the idea of using Chobani Bite as a filling! I need to get some more…I’m thinking the raspberry with dark chocolate chunks would be DIVINE. 😀

      I’m so excited to see Leo as Gatsby! From the previews, it looks like it’s going to be an amazing movie. I’ll let you know what I think!

      Hugs, and happy Friday! xoxo

  • coco

    love the pumpkin roll up! so pretty and so delicious!!!

    It’s funny that when summer approaches, all I can think of is farmers market’s fresh tomatoes and lettuce. 😉

    my dream car would be mini cooper. it’s totally affordable but just not so family oriented.

    have a wonderful weekend!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I want a Mini Cooper, too! I agree, though–definitely not practical! Happy Friday, Coco! <3

  • Lillian_SeizeTheLatte

    The pumpkin roll sounds amazing (must. Try. Soon.), and I LOVE the Under Armour campaign. I really think women need to support and lift each other up, particularly when it comes to body image. There’s a glut of scary thinspo stuff out there, and many healthy living blogs seem to reach beyond the realm of healthy and into eating disorder-y territory (your blog is obviously not among these!), so I love that such big-name fitness brands are helping women focus on something so positive.

    With that in mind, your goals are awesome! There’s no doubt that you’ll achieve them with flying colors, darlin’. :)

    As for Great Gatsby, Brandon has been eagerly awaiting its release — we’re totally going to be there this weekend!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I totally agree—thinspo is definitely over-promoted and wrongly heralded as healthy. It breaks my heart when I read posts that promote body dysmorphia, which is why I love the message of this campaign. :)

      Have fun at Gatsby!I have a feeling that my expectations are way too high, but even if the movie isn’t great, gawking over Leo will be fun. 😉

      Happy Friday! <3

  • Life’s a Bowl

    I just signed up to participate in the campaign this year – it’s my first time and I’m psyched!!! Pumpkin is good all year IMO. Lemon flavored desserts are my favorite in the summer, in addition to ice cream of course 😉 Have a wonderful weekend girly, XO

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m so excited you signed up! I’m going to find you and follow! Happy Friday, Allison! <3

  • http://Www.annatheapple.com/ AnnaTheApple

    Ahh see you gave me the amazing omelette last week and now you mention this pumpkin wrap which looks even more amazing! Will definitely need to try this one as well :)
    A mini convertible is definitely a cool car. My mum has one and I’m always sooo envious of her. I think I’d like a Fiat 500 though as they look so cute and zippy. And I love their pastel shades.
    This campaign sounds great and I think your goals sound really achievable. It’s always good to have that reminder and way to stay on track. It’s easy to state a load of goals and then forget about them (like new year’s revolutions…I’ve definitely been guilty of that in the past!) How exciting about your personal trainer certification! I’m sure you’ll make a great trainer :))
    Summertime treats are definitely ice lollies (popsicles?) on the beach and maybe a few jugs of Pimms or Sangria hehe. And BBQs! Love chicken burgers with lots of ketchup.
    I don’t really have any goals right now. I’m loving running and have some races coming up but nothing specific. I’m in a really happy place with my life thankfully. I know I want to run a marathon next year but that’s about it!
    Have fun with Leo *swoon* xx

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I love the term “ice lolly” instead of popsicle! So much more fun! Oh, and Pimms! I drank a lot of that during the summer I lived in London. 😉 Happy Friday, girl! <3

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    That pancake roll-up sounds AWESOME! What a creative way to use a pancake :). And trust me, I am a pumpkin fan allll year round. I STILL cannot get enough of pumpkin butter.

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m SO with you on the pumpkin butter–it tastes wonderful ALL year! <3

  • http://twitter.com/ThisItalianRach Rach

    I used to want a red convertible when I was a kid! Now I’d want a charcoal grey Mustang. Or an open Jeep… oh yeah. I haven’t had a snow cone in ages, but there’s a place here in town that’s famous for them. I really need to get out there!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      An open Jeep would be so much fun! And perfect for summer camping trips! xoxo <3

  • http://twitter.com/HealthyDiva31 HealthyDiva

    Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful mom on Sunday! I bet she is so happy you are there to celebrate it with her!! Makes me happy!

    LOVE the sno cones! How fun there is a place like that near you, none here! I know those are popular in Hawaii, but Mike and I never got one!

    LOVE your goals Sara, I think they are realistic and awesome, I know you will achieve them! I have to do my post!!

    Happy weekend love! Love you!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      LOVE you!! Thanks for the mother’s day wishes–I’ll give her a hug from you if you give your mom a hug from me! :) Happy Friday, love! <3 xoxo

  • runwithspoons

    I’m all for eating foods completely out of season… which might explain why I’ve been enjoying watermelon all winter long 😉 But watermelon is definitely something that reminds me of summer… as does ice cream, roasted marshmallows, grilled corn on the cob, and basically any other BBQ foods.

    Loving your goals, Sara! And I’ve no doubt that you’re going to rock them both. Right now I’m tossing around the idea of a career change and possibly going back to school, so my goal is to stop letting fear get in the way and just commit to it.

    Have an amazing weekend, love <3

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Fear has definitely slowed me down, too, so I totally understand that. One of my favorite quotes is this: “Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams.” It’s simple, but a reminder to set ourselves free from comparison and fear, and instead to follow our hearts.

      Happy Friday!

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    I’ve never been a big sno cone lover, but s’mores and ice cream always remind me of summer! Also any kind of camping food like bannock, grilled banana boats, and “trip donuts” (basically just bread soaked in butter, then coated in cinnamon and sugar then pan fried – so good!).

    I love this new campaign and I love your goals – I will be rooting for you girl! :) My goal is to heal my knee and get back to running by the end of the summer!

    Have a great weekend girl! xoxo

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Grilled banana boats and “trip donuts” sound like summer treats I’d love! I need to make both happen this summer. 😉 Happy Friday, Chelsea! <3

  • http://twitter.com/FitSwissChick Lucie Pfaendler

    Holy yumm, that pumpkin roll looks heavenly and like I want it NOW!! :-)
    I lobe that campaign and I love your goals. I totally know that you are going to rock them and I can not wait to hear the updates!!
    I need to have a look into this, my goal is to relax about food and workouts more. My obsession is going strong currently and I’d like to change that!!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m working on relaxing about food and exercise, too. We can do it together! <3 Enjoy your last day in the mountains! Thinking of you! <3

  • James Abyad

    Can you make some of those little rolls for me??? haha

  • http://profiles.google.com/melissamiller7 Melissa Miller

    Well until that convertible, don’t forget about bike rides!!

  • http://twitter.com/purelytwins Lori and Michelle

    great goals and we know you will reach them!! and whoa those rolls looks amazing!

  • Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Yeeees on the sno cones! I totally go for the rainbow colours too 😀 Although, my favourite summer treat has to be ice cream on a cone – whether it’s soft serve or the regular stuff, it is not summer without ice cream cones.

    And I love the idea of rolling up your pancake! I might have to try that in the morning.

    And as for cars, I don’t really know enough about them to have a dream car. Any sort of pretty looking convertible would be alright with me…I’m hoping that my dad decides to get some sort of awesome retirement car…that he lets me drive 😉

  • http://www.sweatlikeapig.com/ Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    I can’t wait to see the Great Gatsby! It’s not out for another week in London, but I will be there soon enough 😀 Hope you enjoy xoxo

  • http://www.starsystemz.com/blog Courtney Violet Bentley

    Your instagram last night so teased me!! Hope you had a great time with your mom and swooned over Leo together 😉 you are so brilliant pumpkin pancake, cheesecake insides…yum!!!! Love your goals! I am A NASM certified cpt if you need any help I would love to help you prepare for your test! You will make a great personal trainer :) one tip I can give you is go to the seminar they recommend the guys who did mine basically told us what was going to be on the test so I could focus on that stuff (know the assessment portion big part of the test) I’m trying to do 5 lb of muscle too!! We can do it :-) :-). Sending you an amazing weekend and I love this campaign!! Love + Shine Courtstar

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=843855289 Lindsay Cotter

    love love love your goal. To feel STRONG inside first, then out. Because really, inside is true strength.

  • Jessie

    Honestly, I think your goal may be one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. Good for you on not only focusing on your outside appearance, but on the inside!

    p.s. that recipe is to DIE FOR!!

  • http://twitter.com/kissmybroccoli Heather Powers

    Omg, pumpkin rolls are like the best holiday treat ever!! Love the look of this little breakfast creation…I’ll definitely be trying that soon!

    I haven’t thought about sno cones in YEARS!! All I can remember is almost always dropping mine out of the little paper cone it came in! Lol Ice cream in a CONE just screams summer to me…especially if enjoyed while taking a break from hopping through the sprinklers in the back yard! 😉

    First car: 1991 Ford Festiva….basically a glorified golf cart! Lol
    Dream car: I would LOVE to have a vintage Mustang!

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