The Man at Mother’s Day Brunch

by Sara on May 13, 2013

Aaaaaaaand it’s Monday!

I hope your weekend was relaxing, revitalizing, jam-packed, smile-inducing—or whatever you hoped it would be. :)

The highlight of mine was celebrating Mother’s Day over a delicious brunch with my mom and her boyfriend’s family yesterday. The mimosas flowed; we had unlimited access to perfectly-crisp bacon; custom-order omelets were a-plenty; and there were tables upon tables of desserts.



Oh, yes.

What made the brunch particularly enjoyable for me, though, was finding myself in the midst of a knock-your-socks-off-cute guy.


Eli and I have SO much in common! We share a love for chocolate mousse. We have a knack for getting food all over our faces. Heck, we even have the same color hair.

AND, like me, he loves taking pictures.


We spent the entire morning hamming it up for the camera!


Totally my type. Clearly we’re meant to be. 

If only he were 25 years older. 😉

Before brunch, I decided to take a morning walk, since it was 70 degrees (at 7am!) outside, and our reservations weren’t for a couple of hours.


By the time I arrived home 40 minutes later, my stomach was knawing away at me, so I made a small peanut butter yogurt-granola bowl to quiet my appetite.


I’m so in love with this coconut cluster granola!

Around 11:30, we met Dave and his family at Berryhill, one of my favorite restaurants in Boise. Berryhill is actually the sister restaurant to Bacon, which is where I had that amazing egg white frittata—and bacon, of course!— a few weeks ago.


After the hostess led us to our table, I did a quick lap around the restaurant to see what I wanted to tackle first.





And then I saw it.


The omelet station! Decision made.

I thought about getting a slice of ham, but that seemed a bit too lunchy. When I’m at brunch, it’s breakfast all the way, baby!



Everything was delicious—especially the roasted red potatoes, which were perfectly crisp on the outside. I also loved my Parmesan-packed veggie-loaded omelet.

While we ate, we sipped on complimentary Mother’s Day mimosas. It doesn’t get much better than champagne and orange juice. :)


Midway through my meal, I noticed something was missing—ketchup!  I almost always use Heinz on my eggs when I’m at restaurants, however I rarely ever use it at home. Just realized that!


Finally, it was time for dessert. My first dip was the whipped cream-topped chocolate mousse. It was light, rich, and so, so SO good.


I couldn’t pass up the meringue tarts and vanilla-raspberry pudding, too!


The  dessert highlight, however, was the cheesecake. You all know that ice cream is my favorite food, but cheesecake is my favorite dessert dessert.  This one was as classic as they come—perfectly creamy, and coupled with a raspberry drizzle.


My mom and I initially planned to just take a bite or two of each, but between the two of us, we ended up polishing off about everything. It was all  just too good!

IMG_0273My best friend and #1 supporter. Love you, Mom! <3

After dessert, we headed to the grocery store.


Let me tell ya, there’s no better way to keep your grocery bill down than to shop on a full stomach! My mom and I were laughing about how our inner-impulse buyers were nowhere to be found!

Don’t worry, though, we still managed to do plenty of damage. 😉

Oh, Whole Foods, how you own me.


Can’t wait to try this!


Before I check out, here’s a little inspiration to kick off your week.


Take pride. Have FAITH.


I hope you have a truly marvelous Monday! Be sure to visit Healthy Diva Life to check out the other MIMM posts!


Lots of love <3


I want to know….

Men: what’s your “type?” Artistic? Preppy? Surfer-dude? Grunge-band? Hipster? Tall? Short? Brown eyes? Blue eyes? Fill me in!

I promise I’m not a cougar. 😉 As far as “types” go, I like to think that I don’t have one— that I instead judge a guy based on character, intellect, and chemistry. Heh. BUT, I tend to gravitate towards the semi-preppy, tall, pretty eyed, athletic type. The problem is, most of these guys are  douche bags! It never works out. :( I think this is why I’m still searching for Mr. Right. 😉

Attending a brunch: Do you go for breakfast foods or lunch foods? What’s your favorite brunch food? Ketchup on eggs: yay or nay?

I also like hot sauce on my eggs!

Are you an impulse shopper, or are you good about making a list and sticking to it? Do you make a point to shop on a full stomach?

I’m so bad about this! I always leave the store with items I didn’t intend on buying!



  • Lucie Pfaendler

    Oh WOW!!! That brunch buffet is AMAZING!! I totally go for breakfast things, since breakfast is my favorite meal anyway. Here, I would have dunked my face in these puddings, I LOVE pudding! And Ketchup on eggs is perfect.

    I am not too bad in sticking to a list, as long as I am not in a beauty store lol :-) then I am completely hopeless and lose every pinch of discipline. :-)

    Oh, I totally admit that the visual aspect is important to me – my type is dark, very obvious when you look at the former men in my life and so is the actual :-)

    Happy Monday Beautiful!! (you ARE SO beautiful as is your Mom!!)

    • Sara Stewart

      Aww, thanks, Lucie! <3 YOU, my dear, are beautiful!

      Oh, I totally know what you mean about beauty stores! I have so self-restraint in Sephora. Sometimes, I'll leave my credit card in the car, and go in with cash so that I have no option to buy what I went in for. It's torture, but it works! Haha

      Have a wonderful Monday, my love! <3 xoxo

  • Khushboo

    Ah you and your mom are so gorgeous Sara..and it looks like you had a fantastically delicious Mothers’ Day celebration! Love the look of the eggs but the desserts are in a league of their own..I’m the same about ice cream and cheesecake- I love the former but cheesecake is my fave dessert dessert! I usually go for eggs at brunch…and I’m also one of those who can rarely wait till brunch to eat- yogurt bowls tend to tie me over until the feast ;)! Love ketchup (Heinz specifically) on my eggs but lately salsa has been my go-to complement…so freakin’ delicious!

    Eli is such a cutie. And for what it’s worth, age is totally overrated- KIDDING! Does he possibly have an uncle or older (and single) brother/cousin who he gets his good looks from?

    • Sara Stewart

      Thanks, Khushboo! <3 Clearly we're dessert sisters. When we meet in London, let's plan on an epic ice cream and cheesecake-eating feast. 😉

      Salsa + eggs is amazing. Add guacamole and/or avocado, and it's heaven! Have a beautiful Monday, my dear! <3

  • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Aww what a cute brunch you had! I looove the look of those desserts. Drool. I hate ketchup and I’ve never even tried it on eggs. I kind of have two ‘types’, that are complete opposites, based on the men I have dated in the past. I have dated a) the relaxed surfer guy who is also in a band, messy hair and typically drinks/smokes way too much and b) the big, buff guy who also happens to be a metrosexual and wouldn’t know which way to hold a guitar. I’ve dated about 4-5 guys from each category, but they all have tall, dark and handsome in common. I can’t do blondes or ‘short’ guys (Rob is the shortest guy I’ve been with, and he’s 6’1″!).

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha I love hearing about your “types!” Which category does Rob fall into? I’m guessing the latter, but he doesn’t seem to have the metrosexual thing going on… ?;) Happy Monday! <3

      • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

        LOL yeah Rob is definitely more of the latter. I wouldn’t brand him a typical metrosexual, but he does take care of himself and he dresses 100x better than most straight men.

        I didn’t realise that you and Khushboo are going to be in London at the same time? I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting her twice but I hope all three of us can hang out! Eeek, so excited! xo

        • Khushboo

          ER THAT DEFINITELY HAS TO HAPPEN (caps lock intended)!!

  • Heather Powers

    Omg, that brunch looks INCREDIBLE!! I would have been ALL over that brioche French toast for sure! Yum! And for me, brunch is always breakfast….ALWAYS!! And breakfast that is followed with cheesecake? Seriously what dreams are made of! Cheesecake is probably my favorite “dessert dessert” too since I’m not really big on chocolate, pie, or cake…unless there’s cookies…it’s all over if there are cookies involved! 😉 Oh and ketchup is definitely a YAY!!

    I don’t think I really have a type when it comes to guys…especially when I think back on my last few relationships…they’ve all been entirely different! But I will say that I’m a sucker for blue eyes and I love a guy who is at least a few inches taller than me! Nothing like having to worry about being taller than your bf if you chose to wear heels on a night out!

    And I am a total impulse shopper! Though I completely agree…if you wanna cut down on the extra buys, pack in a big meal first! The last time I did that, I think I walked out of whole foods with one thing…a jar of peanut butter of course! Lol

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, agreed! I could feel like I was about to pop, and peanut butter would still appeal! 😉

      Have you ever tried cheesecake pancakes? It’s like the best dessert in the world coupled with the best breakfast in the world. I’m guessing you’ve dabbled there, but if you haven’t, GET ON IT, GIRL! 😀

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! <3 xoxo

  • Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Oh goodness, that brunch looks amazing! I’m all about the breakfast foods at brunches too…give me eggs and sweet carbs! The last time I went out for brunch, there were definitely crepes and waffles involved 😉

    It’s hard to say what my type is, I’ve dated everything from the ‘bad boy’ to the super nerdy guy. Eric’s definitely on the nerdy side, so I think that’s where I tend to go…although when I first met him, it was the dark hair/blue eyed combination that really sold me.

    I make a list every time I go grocery shopping and stick to it, but if the budget has a little wiggle room I’ll throw in an impulse buy or two! Have a great Monday Sara! <3

    • Sara Stewart

      I fall hard for dark hair and blue eyes, too. Pretty eyes get me every time!

      Mmm…crepes. Your mention of them has kicked off a craving! Happy Monday, Sam! <3

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    That brunch looks SO awesome. I love omelet stations and every single dessert that you took a picture of looks fantastic!! Oh, and you cannot beat mimosas either ;). I hope you had a great day with your mom!

    • Sara Stewart

      Thanks, girl! I hope you had a wonderful day, too! And yes, mimosas are the best—definitely my favorite cocktail! xoxo

  • AnnaTheApple

    Oh wow, all that food! Buffets are a total nightmare for me as I just can’t stop. I literally want to try everything. The selection looks so good for brunch. I’m with you on the omelette station though. That would have been my choice! Can’t beat eggs :) Always about the breakfast foods. Just a bit more exciting I’d say! You can have lunch/dinner foods all day long!

    Your mum and you look so pretty :) Both wearing such beautiful dresses. Yay for summer dresses!
    Types of men…well, obviously my husband! But I was always keen on dark haired guys. Never blondes! I guess it’s because I’m dark haired??

    I will always take a list and stick to it. Unelss something is on offer or too tempting to resist of course :-) This is always how ice cream manages to come home with me hehe.

    YES to that popcorn.

    • Sara Stewart

      Thanks, Anna! I’m the same way at brunch—I always want to try a “bite” of everything, however I usually end up with 20 bites of everything. Welp. 😉 Happy Monday!

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    That looks like an awesome brunch – especially that cheesecake! Cheesecake is definitely one of my favourite desserts too. Some people say it’s too rich for them and they can only handle a bite or two, but I think they’re crazy haha.

    I get both breakfast and lunchy foods at brunch, depending on what I’m feeling like. A bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon is one of my favourite things to order!

    I’m not sure what my “type” is – it’s all over the place! Preppy, athletic, hipster, dark, blonde… I’ve liked them all! I totally agree that I’m attracted to intelligence though. I like a guy who can make me think!

    • Sara Stewart

      I think the cheesecake averse are crazy, too!! 😉 And a big YES to both smoked salmon (LOVE) and intelligent guys. Best combination: an intelligent guy who brings you smoked salmon bagels in bed? 😉 xoxo

  • Brittany @ Balance and Bananas

    Wow, that yogurt with the pb coconut crunch looks SO GOOD! I have to try that! And those desserts look so good! I’m definitely a chocolate mousse person as well :) I love the mother-daughter pic by the way! So pretty!
    For me, I try to keep a list, but I always end up buying more because I see something at Whole Foods and I’m like, “I’ve GOT to try this!” haha!
    At brunch, I almost ALWAYS go for breakfast foods! I love breakfast, absolutely my favorite meal of the day. I would have breakfast for every meal if I could haha! That omelet looks so good, I’m craving eggs now!! :)

    • Sara Stewart

      Definitely try the granola—it’s SO good! I’m the same way at Whole Foods; they always have tempting promotions that I can’t turn down! Happy Monday, Brittany! <3

  • Natalie @ Lift,Sleep,Eat

    Aw looks like you had an amazing mothers day! All the food looks amazingly good as well; that dessert buffet :O wow! I would not have known where to start. Good choice at the omelette station as well..I love ketchup on my eggs; its either that or hot sauce! Although I am partial to just a little sprinkling of salt on a boiled egg hehe.
    I don’t really have a type when it comes to guys to be honest; the guys I’m attracted to are all so different..although there is a recurring theme that they are all older than maybe your the cougar and I’m after a sugar daddy ahahah!
    Your mum is so pretty as well! Great decision to go to Wholefoods after as well hehe; luckily enough for me I’m not much of an impulse shopper..whether I go to the supermarket hungry or not it generally doesn’t make a huge difference on what I buy..I guess I’m the exception to the “Don’t Go Shopping When You’re Hungry Rule”!

    • Sara Stewart

      Salt on eggs is a definite must! Or, even better–a dusting of Parmesan cheese. :)

      I love your sugar daddy status—Ideally that’s the route I’ll go, too. 😉 Haha. Happy Monday, Natalie! <3

  • Sara Stewart

    Aww, thank you, Sophia! You have such a beautiful heart! I’m so glad we’ve connected—I always look forward to your comments! <3

    I'm convinced that I need to move to Italy, eat amazing food, relax in the gorgeous countryside, and find myself a handsome (non-douchey) man. Raoul Bova is absolutely gorgeous! In fact, your mention of him makes me want to watch Under the Tuscan Sun again! I'd completely forgotten who he was, but I just looked him up, and WOW. 😀 Maybe he has a brother that you can go after? 😉

    I hope you have a beautiful Monday, my dear! Hugs! xoxo

    • Sophia

      I’m so glad to have connected with you Sara! Move to Italy :)! I’ll set you up with my older brother- he’s handsome and Such a gentleman :) I Love under the Tuscan sun! When you make the transition to Italy we shall watch it and feast on delicious food- good plan lol 😉 Lots of love beautiful xoxo

  • Claire

    What a beautiful celebration for Mother’s Day! I think I could have gone wild with all of those desserts, they all look incredible.

    The pictures of you and Eli are adorable! He obviously had lots of fun with you :). Nice to see he’s practising his photography at a young age!

    I can’t believe there was a whole omelette bar, that’s the stuff my dreams are made of some mornings! I’d totally go for goat cheese and red onion with spinach, if they had it.
    Love the snap of you and your mummy, you both look very glam!
    My boyfriend puts liberal amounts of hot sauce on his eggs each morning. In fact, he puts liberal amounts of hot sauce on everything. I’m just as bad with chilli jam though!

  • Claire @Keeping Up With Claire

    You and your mom are both beautiful-she could totally pass as your sister! I’m a littttttttle jealous that you went to brunch. I’ve been wanting to go to brunch for MONTHS but have yet to find a place down here to go to! I typically go for the desserts, if that counts? My sweet tooth is in heaven at brunch. 😉

    In other news, I am the WORST impulse shopper. Even when I make a list, I can guarantee that I will leave the store with more random items than items I intended to buy. #Fail. Have a marvelous day love! <3 <3

  • Miss Polkadot

    Aww, Eli and you certainly were meant to be – the pictures are too cute! Other than that, though, I’d sense trouble if we went looking for boys together ;): Semi-preppy? Tall? Athletic? Check, check and check – that’s my kind of men, too. Not just saying this but that really is the “type” I’m going for, too.

    Such a great picture of you and your mum, too, and I’m happy to hear you had a great Mother’s Day! That dress and necklace look absolutely awesome on you. Can we go shopping together :)?

    Regarding grocery shopping I’m doing so-so. Usually, I behave rather well during the week but Saturday being the last possible day of the week to shop on I’m likely to go overboard. Why I feel the need to load up on food just because I won’t be able to shop on Sunday is beyond me … But yes, it happens. Maybe the new blueberry cream cheese I spotted at the grocery today will miraculously find its way into my cart this Saturday … woops.

    Happy Monday, Sara!

  • Courtney Violet Bentley

    What a great Mother’s Day you two had! BTW Your MOM IS GORGEOUS! I see where you get your looks from!!! What I have learned is when you least expect it MR right comes! I was bar tending at a bar, 21 + SINGLE + SO NOT LOOKING literally made a promise to myself that for one year I would date and live it up and then Mr. Bentley came walking in and I was love struck. SO you never know when Mr. Right will come sweep you off your feet as I say God will introduce when the time is right whether you know it or not so just sit back and let it happen! I tend to avoid brunch because I feel I never eat enough for the cost of the brunch so I like to go crazy at a family bakery store and get all the fun goodies there! I am so jealous of your brunch though it looks FANTASTIC the one I went to yesterday was LAME literally I was SADDENED by it! I used to be THE worst impulse shopper when I moved back to LA since I had NOTHING for an entire year but farmers markets (awesome too but nothing like a Whole Foods) so when I got back my grocery bill was RIDONKULOUS! I have become better and try to make ONE impulse buy a sesh but I do go three days a week sometimes just two….;) Hope you have an amazing MONDAY SARA!! Love + Shine CourtStar

  • runwithspoons

    I’ve made it a point to never read your blog when I’m hungry because otherwise all of the delicious looking eats screaming at me from your posts are just too much to bear. That brunch looks -amazing- and dessert looks even better. I definitely go for the breakfast foods whenever I’m at a brunch… especially if crepes are involved. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I’ll use any excuse to it is as often as I possibly can 😀 And ketchup on eggs isn’t even a question – I thought that was totally standard practice 😉

    So great to hear that you had such an awesome Mother’s Day, Sara! You and your momma are both gorgeous <3

  • Melissa Miller

    I make lists.. but I never have thought of an “only on the list” rule. Even if I did I would for certain rationalize and justify… I am my own worst enemy in the store.

    MY favorite brunch food is probably a Bloody Mary… that counts. Trust me.

    PS- Eli is so cute… being with a kid on Mother’s day would have made my ovaries ache.

  • HealthyDiva

    The brunch looks to die for!!! I wish we had brunches like that around here, maybe we do and I don’t know, haha! Really looked amazing and glad all of you enjoyed it too! Little man is too damn cute!!!! You looked beautiful! Absolutely stunning in that dress and your mom looked beautiful too as always!!!

    Glad she had a fabulous Mother’s Day!!!!

    Love you girl!!! <3

  • Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    This looks like a perfect Mother’s Day brunch! I’m with you- when I’m at brunch I’m all about breakfast-y items. For some reason, I can never eat lunch items if it’s the first things I’m eating of the day! It just tastes wrong! Except when it comes to dessert- I would have had no problem eating those items first! And that picture of you and your mom is just gorgeous! And sounds like you and I have the same type and the same problem when it comes to guys! I’m all about tall, preppy-ish guys with blonde hair and blue eyes! But yes, a lot of them tend to be jerks! Come live in SF and we can be on the lookout for the NICE kind instead 😉 xoxo

  • Lucy @ The Moving Muncher

    Drooling over your brunch desserts, mmm! Also your boy is too cute! Your mum is SO pretty (love how you’re both rockin’ your dresses!), you’re lucky to have good genes in the bag 😉 As a teenager my type would have been ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ but from my dating history (minus all the douches when I started dating, a girl’s gotta learn somehow after all!) I clearly go for kind-hearted slightly geeky (but in a good way) blondes… As for all the semi-preppy, tall and pretty eyed athletes… If you move to the UK I’ll handover all my university buddies who fit this theme (and I promise they are good guys too!) as long as you look after them cause they are sweeties :) xx

  • David Mueller

    Sara, I think you have your first groupie! On second thought there are probably others.

  • Lisa

    Awe! Looks like such a beautiful Mother’s Day celebration! Seriously all around awesome. Looks like the perfect Mother’s Day brunch. I’m glad you and your Mom loved it.
    Ah, brunch looks too amazing for words! I’m more of a Breakfast girl for sure! All day, every day 😉
    I suck at grocery shopping! I’m totally an impulse buyer.!

  • purelytwins

    moms are the best! our mom is our number 1 supporter too!
    brunch we tend to go with eggs :)
    and whole foods we always spend more and buy more than needed…grrr haha

  • Jessie

    What an absolute PERFECT Mother’s Day weekend. Looks like y’all had such a blast, and of course consumed delicious food. I mean can we just talk about that omelet for a second? Holy Moly, that may be the prettiest looking omelet I’ve ever seen, ha ha! So glad you remembered to throw some ketchup on top.. I would have been a bit ashamed had you not, Ha Ha kidding =)

    Give me breakfast type of food over lunch foods anyday!

    I’m such an impulse shopper. No matter if I have a list or not, I can’t turn down something that looks good :) :)

    Have a lovely day beautiful

  • Melissa @ Mouthwatering Morsel

    can I be invited next time you guys have brunch? that looks divine! seems you’ve eaten some amazing foods this weekend. kind of jealous!

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