Friday Five and the Food List Challenge

by Sara on May 24, 2013

Happy Friday!

This week zipped by crazy fast—however it was one of those weeks where it felt like I worked for hours, but had little to show for it (I’m blaming you, Instagram). Ooof. Aww well, it happens. I’m chalking my lack of productivity up to the fact that I didn’t really start the week till Tuesday, thanks to that never-ending never-will-it-happen-again road trip. Needless to say, I’m soooo ready for the LONG weekend!

So ready, in fact, that I let it roll in early last night.


Har har. Are you tired of seeing pictures of sushi? I’m pretty sure that it’s becoming my healthy living blog oatmeal—you know, I post pictures of salmon rolls just as often as oatmeal-obsessed healthy living bloggers show pictures of their ellaborate oatmeal creations. 😉

At least sushi is more colorful that nut butter-topped oats, amiright? 

After eating restaurant food all weekend, I’d made a pact with myself to eat only home-cooked meals this week,  but when my stomach started knawing away at me two hours earlier than it usually does (and by that I mean just one hour after eating my previous meal <—can’t get enough of those!), I had to do something about it. Thank goodness I was studying at Whole Foods, which I’m convinced is the the home of Boise’s freshest sushi.

Remember how the Whole Foods baristas know me by name and occasionally give me free cappuccinos? Well, I think I’m building a similar relationship with the sushi chefs. I didn’t get a free roll, but I did get several free tastes of sashimi. Score!

I also enjoyed a kale-sesame and almond seaweed salad from the salad bar…


as well as a virgin happy tummy Kevita probiotic mojita (<—I guess “a” replacing the “o” means it’s for the ladies?).


It was a perfect meal!IMG_4134 - Version 2

Sidenote: There was a time when I was deathly afraid of rice in sushi! Like I-need-to-run-to-the-treadmill-afraid. Now I can’t imagine sushi without rice. Those carbs provide me energy and are fuel my growing muscles!


In other news, it should be a fun weekend around here! I’m meeting a friend for dinner tonight, hitting the farmer’s market and nail salon with my mom on Saturday (my toenails need a pedicure soooo bad!), and hoping to see The Great Gatsby again—but in 3D! Can’t wait!

Today I’m wrapping up the week in true alliteration-loving blogger fashion: It’s Friday and my brain is fried, so a list of five Pinterest finds sounds fabulous. :)


(You can click on the image for the source).

1. Mexican Un-Fried Ice Cream. via Skinnytaste. I loooove ordering fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants! This is a healthy take on that crunchy-creamy-sweet n’ salty treat.


And in the spirit of Mexican inspiration…

2. Piñata Costume. I’ve found this year’s Halloween costume—five months early! Drop candy wherever you go…How fun!


Perhaps de-sluttify a little bit, though?

3. The Multiple Personalities of Coffee. Apparently I’m a gossiping businesswoman (Americano and cappuccino obsessed!). What are YOU? (Click on image if the text isn’t large enough to read).


4. Cake Batter Ice Cream. Via Chocolate Covered Katie. One word: SPRINKLES! It should also be noted that this recipe is vegan, paleo, and super easy. :)


5. The Food List Challenge. Apparently this must-try-before-you-die food list was trending on Facebook over a year ago…and apparently I was living under a rock because I totally missed it!


I haven’t heard of a handful of the foods listed and a few others simply give me the heebie jeebies! I highlighted the foods I have tried below.

1. Abalone

2. Absinthe

3. Alligator

 4. Baba Ghanoush

 5. Bagel and Lox

6. Baklava

7. Barbecue Ribs

8. Bellini

9. Bird’s Nest Soup

10. Biscuits and Gravy

11. Black Pudding

12. Black Truffle (does black truffle oil count?)

13. Borscht

14. Calamari

 15. Carp

 16. Caviar

17. Cheese Fondue

18. Chicken and Waffles

19. Chicken Tikka Masala

20. Chile Relleno

21. Chitlins

22. Churros

23. Clam Chowder

24. Cognac

25. Crab Cakes

26. Crickets

27. Currywurst

28. Dandelion Wine

29. Dulce De Leche

30. Durian

31. Eel

32. Eggs Benedict

33. Fish Tacos

34. Foie Gras

35. Fresh Spring Rolls

36. Fried Catfish

37. Fried Green Tomatoes

38. Fried Plantain

39. Frito Pie

40. Frogs’ Legs

41. Fugu

42. Funnel Cake

43. Gazpacho

44. Goat

45. Goat’s Milk

46. Goulash

47. Gumbo

48. Haggis

49. Head Cheese

50. Heirloom Tomatoes

51. Honeycomb

 52. Hostess Fruit Pie

 53. Huevos Rancheros

 54. Jerk Chicken

55. Kangaroo

56. Key Lime Pie

57. Kobe Beef

58. Lassi

59. Lobster

60. Mimosa

61. MoonPie

62. Morel Mushrooms

63. Nettle Tea

64. Octopus

65. Oxtail Soup

66. Paella

67. Paneer

68. Pastrami on Rye

69. Pavlova

70. Phaal

71. Philly Cheese Steak

72. Pho

73. Pineapple and Cottage Cheese

74. Pistachio Ice Cream

75. Po’ Boy

76. Pocky

77. Polenta

78. Prickly Pear

79. Rabbit Stew

80. Raw Oysters

81. Root Beer Float

82. S’mores

83. Sauerkraut

84. Sea Urchin

85. Shark

86. Snail

87. Snake

88. Soft Shell Crab

89. Som Tam

90. Spaetzle

91. Spam

92. Squirrel

93. Steak Tartare

94. Sweet Potato Fries

95. Sweetbreads

96. Tom Yum

97. Umeboshi

98. Venison

99. Wasabi Peas

100. Zucchini Flowers


You may see little images of the above foods on The Food List Challenge website if any of them are unfamiliar to you like they were to me!


Aaaand that’s a wrap!


Before we part ways for the weekend, here’s a little dose of inspiration:


I love this message. While I was sipping Yogi ginger tea last night, I began thinking about how important it is to embrace my past—to “love what has come before.” Everyone has experienced hardships in life, and we have two choices: either let those hardships hinder you or use them to build strength. That which has made us stumble can be used to empower ourselves and empower others.

I truly believe that.

I hope your weekend is filled with HAPPINESS!


Huge hugs. <3

I want to know:

What is the most unusual dish you’ve ever tried? What is one item listed on the Food List Challenge that you would never try?

Most unusual: fried grasshoppers in Mexico! Wouldn’t try: snake and Spam!

Are there any foods on the list that I haven’t tried that you think I need to try?

Bloggers: what’s your “oatmeal?” In other words: what food or foods do you show on your blog most frequently?

Sushi and ice cream!

What’s your “coffee personality?”

What did you dress up as for Halloween last year?





  • Khushboo

    Trust me on this Sara…TRY venison asap! It’s my favorite type of meat! Even though it’s red meat, it’s extremely lean so give it a shot…I’m almost certain you will love it :)! I’ve never tried squirrel and have no plans to- just the thought of it makes me shudder- ick!

    As a sushi and oatmeal lover, I’m all for multiple sushi pics so keep ’em only bone with them is that they keep spurring cravings- or provide motivation to get some sushi stat!

    Hope you manage to see Great Gatsby in 3d this weekend- trust me, it will make you appreciate and enjoy the movie THAT much more! Happy Friday, Sara :)!

    • Sara Stewart

      I think the word “venison” is what scares me more than anything else! However I will try (almost) anything once, so when the opportunity arises, I’ll give it a go–promise! I’ll even snap a photo for you. 😉

      I hope you’re able to find some sushi this weekend! Happy Friday, Khushboo! <3

  • Lucie

    Keep thos Sushi pics coming, I love’em!! I would NEVER want to eat snail. Gah. But I had kangoroo before – though I can not remember if I lked it or not. I totally recommend EVERYONE to try cheese Fondue or Raclette!! So worth it!!
    My oatmeal are omeletts – my daily breakfast and sometimes also dinner, I am so classy.
    Your weekend sounds like so much fun, enjoy!!!
    Sending huge hugs your way!

    • Sara Stewart

      Omelets for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner are *definitely* classy! Or at least that’s what I like to think, because I do it all the time, too. 😉 I LOVE Raclette and Fondue–so amazing! Happy Friday, my dear! <3 xoxo

  • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Kangaroo! Rob used to eat it all the time as it’s the leanest meat you can get or something, but I could never eat my national animal :( Have a great weekend! xoxo

    • Sara Stewart

      I’d never heard of anyone eating kangaroo until I saw this list! Is it even legal is Australia, since it’s the national animal?

      Happy Friday! <3

      • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

        Ha, yes, it’s legal. It’s not as common as other meats but you can buy it in almost any grocery store. I’ve seen it on the menu of a couple of restaurants here in the UK. Ick.

  • Coco

    I’m europrofile in coffee.

    Sushi + kale salad = perfect meal in my world! 😉

    there are so many things in the food list that I’ve never heard about… so I dunno if I’d try them all. If you go to China, I think the list would be double long! So many scary things here are so common in China, like chicken feet.

    have a fabulous weekend.

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, I don’t think I could stomach chicken feet! It seems like they’d be too “prickly” to digest! Haha. Happy Friday, Coco! <3

  • Lori and Michelle

    were used to think about sushi the same way a few year ago- now we are in love with the rice combo with it and love it even more!!! so good :)

    • Sara Stewart

      Oh yes, the rice is what makes it a MEAL. Happy weekend, ladies! Hugs! <3

  • AnnaTheApple

    Ahh sushi, never a disappointment! I am really excited because I have FINALLY found a sushi restaurant near me. I’m sure you understand when I say I almost ran there that evening on my own. Ben had to calm me down hehe. But we are going there soon 😀

    I have never had fried ice cream. It sounds like a crazy oxymoran but I definitely want to try it. I’ll have to look out for it!

    I’d be keen to try as many of those foods as possible. Though not foi gras purely because it’s a horrible way to treat an animal. I’m not a vegetarian but I do like animals to be treated humanely.
    Ahh I pretty much do show oatmeal all the time on my blog for WIAW. Oatmeal is my oatmeal. And I love it :) Maybe chicken. I always eat chicken. There’s just so many ways to ‘jazz’ it up.
    My coffee personality is just black so I’m a businesswoman. Hey I can live with that! Sometimes I might daringly try something that sounds exciting but usually it’s black Americano. Maybe with a splash of caramel or hazlenut.
    Have a great weekend! :)

    • Sara Stewart

      Oh, you definitely need to try fried ice cream!! It’s SO good! I suppose it’s hard to find in the UK, but you could totally try making the healthified version. 😀

      I would have sprinted for the sushi restaurant, too! I can’t imagine going more than two weeks without it! And I agree with you about foi gras–I could never eat it, solely for ethical reasons.

      Cheers to Friday, my fellow coffee-loving businesswoman! 😉

  • Natalie @ Lift,Sleep,Eat

    Oh wow that un fried mexican ice cream looks delicious!! Droool! In Scotland they make fried Mars bars?! I think they’re called Milky Ways in the U.S.!? Unhealthy overdose or delciousness? I’m not sure I’ve yet to try it haha!
    In terms of my “oatmeal”…well its probably oatmeal..or pancakes haha! i can’t decide between the 2! I’m the same as you when it comes to coffee personality, I love me an americano/cappuccino, although I am addicted to iced blended americano now…theyre my favourites!
    im gonna have to start checking stuff off that food list..i would try most things although i would probably feel cruel eating a squirrel..they’re too cute!
    hope you have a good weekend!

    • Sara Stewart

      Ooh, a fried Milky Way sounds so wrong, but so delicious! Fried Oreos are really popular in the States–especially at fairs during the summertime.

      I think your oatmeal is definitely pancakes–you’re a pancake princess! <3

  • Brittany @ Balance and Bananas

    That food list is such a great idea! I have to mark down the ones I’ve tried!
    The most unusual dish I’ve ever tried…snake…it was actually really similar to chicken, believe it or not! The one item I would never try would have to be either kangaroo or squirrel. I can’t, they’re just too cute!!
    I think I mostly post about a) bananas and b) yogurt!! Plus ice cream :) haha!
    Coffee personality is definitely business woman haha! I loveeeee americanos!
    Last year for Halloween, I dressed up as Pippy Long Stockings!

    • Sara Stewart

      Oh my goodness, I squirm thinking about trying snake, but if it tastes like chicken, I guess I could do it!

      Your Pippy Longstocking Halloween costume sounds adorable! Happy Friday! <3

  • runwithspoons

    Love that coffee graphic! I’m very much the snobby businesswoman who loves to gossip… but really, I’d take coffee pretty much any way, so I guess I’m a mixed bag of everything :) And I have to say that you’re super brave when it comes to trying new foods. I’ve always been crazy picky, and the idea of most of those foods makes me cringe just a little bit O.o SO.. I’m going to move on to my “oatmeal,” which would actually probably be oatmeal. Although recently I think I’ve been showing more cereal and yogurt bowls, but oatmeal is making a reappearance in a pretty big way.

    Happy Friday, Sara! Hope you have an amazing long weekend!

    • Sara Stewart

      I’ve found that many of these “adventurous” foods sound a lot scarier than they taste. It took me a good 30 minutes to build up the nerve to try fried grasshoppers after they were brought to our table in Mexico, but they actually tasted a lot like…potato chips! Salty, crispy, crunchy…haha!

      Happy Friday, Amanda! <3

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    You just gave me a giant sushi craving! It’s been over a week since I last had it, which is unacceptable. I almost got sushi at Whole Foods yesterday, but I opted for the salad bar instead. 😛 Sushi, Mexican dishes, and tofu are probably the foods that show up on my blog the most.

    I’ve tried some super weird foods! Lamb testicle, calf brain, frogs legs, duck tongue… I can’t say I’ve ever tried squirrel off that list though. And I don’t think I want to. I just can’t imagine them tasting very good haha. But I really want to try sauerkraut. I’ve actually been thinking of trying to make some at home.

    Also you seriously need to try venison. It’s amazing!

    Have a good weekend girl! xoxo

  • Courtney Violet Bentley

    Yum! Sushi is something I have not had in FOREVER! I have not eaten fish for quite some time but you kinda made me crave some! I had Birds Nest Soup in Vietnam and let me tell you IT WAS AMAZING and made me feel better as I was sick! Its supposed to be good for a number of things! Last year for Halloween I did not dress up as my hubby was sick so we stayed in :( But the year before him + I were Fred + Wilma Flinestone which was fun! Next year I hope to be Christina Aguilera or someone fun next year :) I like the pinata idea SUPER CUTE!! Have an amazing weekend Sara! Sending you SWOONS FOR LEO IN 3D WOW I would DIE! haha Love + Shine CourtStar

  • lindsay cotter

    how is tea so wise? I love that quote! and I love this list! can i join you!?!

  • Missy

    I’m on team tuna roll!
    Rice, Rice, BABY!
    (Not a fan of oatmeal).

    I LOVE Kevita (so does my tum) and I need to try that flavor. So much so that I am going after work… (Blog stalking is so bad for the wallet). There will be vodka in mine tonight. Not sorry! LOL.

    You made quite a dent on that list, what a Foodie!
    Okay I have had Durian and WT…Wha? That ish is CRAZY. Blech.
    And then it grows on you.

    I wouyld never lots of animals on that list Kangaroo?

  • Miss_Smart

    For me, sushi is all about the pickled ginger. However, I also only seem to crave it when I am also craving sticky rice. So, I’m totally with you on the rice thing. [However, I definitely wouldn’t say no to free sashimi…]

    Love that food list. I am happy that I’ve actually eaten quite a few things on it. [Oxtail is yummy, by the way. Foie gras is heaven.] The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten has got to be pig’s brain.

  • Nanna

    That salad sounds absolutely divine- I can’t get enough of sesame anything these days. Yum! When I was working at an orphanage in Romania, I ordered “Butcher’s brains” at the whole-in-the-wall restaurant around the corner from where I was staying, and I tell ya… NEVER AGAIN! I’m all about going local when I’m in a foreign place, but brains was a little too much for me in the end… and not knowing what the “Butcher’s” referred to made it that much more “interesting”… Some of the things on the list crack me up (Hostess Fruit Pie is a food you should eat before you die!?), but I don’t think I could handle Head Cheese. In fact, I actually had to google what it was… and ohhh man, Guh-ross :/ Such a fun post, thank you!

  • Hayley @ Running on Pumpkin

    I LOVE that message on the tea – totally believe that! And I drool every time you instagram a sushi picture so keep it coming :) I think my “sushi” would have to be yogurt bowls. I just love greek yogurt with anything mixed in.

  • Lisa

    Apparently my coffee personality is “the businesswoman” hm, not quite;)

    Oh gosh, that food list frightens me a bit because I’m totally not very adventurous when it comes to eating different foods. I think I’ve tried 2 off that list. That’s kind of sad maybe.

    I love tea messages. Best part of drinking them!
    Love you!

  • Miss Polkadot

    Oooh, you have to try Spätzle! Cheese spätzle with caramelized onion, that is. Being German that’s one dish I grew up on and was really fond of. I might just need to try an egg-free recipe … mmmh.
    Paneer is delicious, too. My uncle used to – or maybe he still does? – make it himself so I knew it was vegetarian and ate it in some kind of Indian dish. Wow, this post is making me hungry :).
    It’s such a shame to admit but I didn’t celebrate Halloween at all. With it not being popular around here I didn’t attend any Halloween party so I didn’t get a chance.

    Doesn’t Yogi tea offer some really great quotes? Sure, I’ve had not that interesting ones, too, but some are truly inspiring.
    I hope you’ll have an amazing weekend, Sara!

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    As a vegetarian, I don’t think that I can even eat half of that list! 😉

  • Sophia

    Hello gorgeous!! sorry I am late- I have been engaged with other (Australian lol) pursuits (emailing you!) most unusual- this may be changing as Aussie is wanting me to try kangaroo, but for the moment snails (French restaurant Paris), I don’t find it strange but perhaps Americans would- pigeon- wild boar- and I have eaten a lot of tripe, brain, liver and heart lol- all beautifully prepared traditionally of course and very delicious! I would never eat foie gras for ethical reasons (so cruel!) Please try umeboshi!! It is my favorite thing in the world- well one of ;). I was cleopatra last year- I loved doing the makeup particularly! I am a snob- I love French press! I also adore cafe au lait though 😉 So much love to you Sara- Sophia

  • sambetterwithsprinkles

    I think I’d struggle with kangaroo and sweetbreads…once I found out what sweetbreads actually were, I freaked out. I always assumed they were some sort of, you know…sweet bread. Not so much.
    The weirdest ones on the list that I’ve tried are haggis, shark and snail. Escargot is actually really tasty!

    My blog oatmeal is probably…oatmeal. With a fried egg on top. I’m looking forward to making it for breakfast on Sunday morning when I’m back home!

    I didn’t dress up last year, which is shameful. So I’m already decided what I’m going to be this year…it’ll be good 😉

  • Jan @ Sproutsnsquats

    I love sushi so keep the pics coming! I’ve been told to cut down my white rice so I’ve been having more brown rice sushi lately. I love my greek yoghurt mixes and my banana/fruit breads I always make variations of those and put them on my blog.

    I like kangaroo burgers and sausages but they are much easier to get here in Australia :)

    Going to check out that cake batter ice cream and unfried ice cream recipes they look yum!

  • Jessie

    Your posts are always so much fun to read! I hope you have an incredible Memorial Day weekend with your girlfriend & momma! Enjoy being pampered :)

    I’m not sure what Birds Nest Soup is, but it just doesn’t sound too appealing! Girl, I cannot believe you’ve never had a PHILLY CHEESESTEAK! You must head to Philly soon & get yourself one. Nothing compares!!

    One food that I always show on my blog.. smoothies, salads & omelets.

    <3 <3

  • Devon @ Health in Equilibrium

    I totally saved that food list! I won’t attempt some of them because I don’t eat some meat, but I am making it my mission to try the rest! I really want to try Kevita too. I love other kombucha brands so I’m sure I’d love that one.

  • Alex@Veggin’ Out

    I’m not sure I could do the frog legs! Or the shark. Or the squirrel… or a bunch of others since I’m vegetarian! I did have spam once before I was vegetarian. It was in Hawaii. They have this popular food there that consists of rice topped with spam and the wrapped in seaweed. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure I actually tried it. I think the smell made me turn away before I could take a bite!

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