Freestyle Friday: Gummy Bear Fuel

by Sara on May 3, 2013

Hey there, and Happy Friday!

Is it just me, or are the weeks flying by at an alarming rate? I swear the older I get, the faster life goes. It’s scary. Stop, time! Stop!  The only bright side is that summer will be upon us in a flash, and that means sun, sand, and sangria!

Okay maybe no sand for this girl—I don’t have a trip to Hawaii planned (bugger!), but I can’t complain because I do get to take a peek at the ocean….

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 1.05.44 PM

this weekend!

Hopefully. As of 12am last night, I hadn’t put one item into my suitcase. Not one. Needless to say, I’m going to be scrambling to get packed this morning before it’s time to leave for the airport. Ooof.

I sure hope that my fluffy-pillowed hotel bed (love them!) is prepared for a Sara faceplant tonight, because I’m already exhausted thinking about it. 😉

Anyway, the weekend is here! Since my mind is buzzing with a zillion thoughts today, let’s do this freestyle. Freestyle Fridaythat works, right? Right.


1. Do you ever have a workout completely planned out and then you’re forced to change it because certain machines or weights are occupied at the gym? Apparently it was Squat Rack Thursday at the YMCA yesterday morning because he entire time I was there, the two squat racks were occupied. Some people may view unavailable weight machines as a challenge to do a new exercise or think outside of the box, however I see it  as a fantastic opportunity to walk by the weights several times, sighing in annoyance so they’ll stop hogging the machine and let me do my thing.


I wasn’t willing to scrap the squats, though, so I shuffled around my workout, and saved the @** to the grass for last.


Sidenote: Writing down my workouts on post-it notes and snapping pictures of them is working really well for me. They’re all saved in my phone now!

The squat rack still wasn’t available, when I’d finished  my calf raises, so I decided to wait it out on the sit-up bench.


After completing a couple sit-ups and snapping a few selfies (how do others manage to make this not look awkward?!), the squat rack still wasn’t available, so I decided to call it a day, and went to fetch my jacket.

That’s when I saw this.


Look beyond the cell phone. In case you can’t tell, that’s a bag of gummy bears. Not a bag of vitamin gummy bears (my favorite), but real sugar-containing gummy bears. There’s a bodybuilder  at the Y who snacks on them while he’s lifting, and he IS RIPPED. I’ve been watching him munch away in between sets over the past few weeks, and was finally able to document the evidence to share with you.

Could it be that gummy bears are the secret to bangin’ biceps? I could totally get on board with that. 😉

2. My mom and I made Cobb Salads for dinner last night, and ohmygosh, they were good.


When I was little, I hated salad, but made a huge exception for Cobb Salads—as long as they were drenched in Ranch dressing. We’re talking a 1:1 ratio of greens to the good stuff. 😉 Now I rarely use bottled dressings because they’re typically loaded with mysterious additives, but there’s a local Boise brand that contains nothing but organic Greek yogurt, buttermilk and spices, and it’s pretty knock-your-socks off amazing.


My salad included spinach, romaine lettuce, diced chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, egg, red onion, blue cheese, avocado, and bacon.

Oh yes, bacon. You all know how I feel about that. 😉

3. Speaking of bacon…look what I stumbled upon while perusing Pinterest the other day.


 Bacon Taco Shells! Err, bacon bikini busters? Naw. I’m joking. I’ll try anything once, so I’d totally sink my teeth into one of these.

In fact, I would even try making them for Cinco de Mayo IF I was going to be home. However, since  the cheap plastic hotel coffee maker is the only thing I’ll have access to that even remotely resembles an oven, I’m going to leave it up to YOU. 😉 If you make these, pleeeease let me know, k? That would be pretty fan-freaking-tastic. :)

4. If bacon tacos aren’t your thing, might I suggest celebrating with a quesadilla like I did Wednesday night?


I had a massive craving for cheese but didn’t want to take the time to make pizza, so I stuffed a gluten free whole grain tortilla with spinach, feta, and mozzarella, then “grilled” it in a pan until the edges were crispy and the cheese was melted.


Look at that CHEESE. I could eat this meal every day!

5. I could—and do—wear the same outfit every day, too. Okay, not every day. But I’ve been living in running tights, and workout tanks all week long. Oh, and last weekend, I may or may not have worn the same sweater, tank top, and flats both Saturday and Sunday.


Hey, it makes life easier. 😉

6. Speaking of easy, I really love the convenience of cereal bowls.

IMG_27511-1024x7632% plain Greek yogurt, Honey Rice Puffins, banana, raspberries, coconut peanut butter

Pour, stir, eat. Does it get any simpler?

If you’re a fellow cereal lover (and even if you’re not), you HAVE to check out this Buzzfeed article:  16 Breakfast Cereals that Should be Obliterated. I can’t stop laughing.

“Trix: That bunny must have diabetes by now, Amiright?”


Awwr, poor bunny! I completely disagree with #3 and #5, though!

7.  Oh, and I discovered a snack this week that totally reminded me of cereal.


Yep, blueberry almonds! I swear they taste exactly like purple Fruit Loops…with an almond flair! I love blueberries, and I love almonds, but I’m still not so sure how I feel about the purple blueberry hue ON my almonds…

However, I am sure about something else: I’m nuts about this new-to-me  coconutty granola. Look at the SIZE of those clusters!


This bag of KIND Oats & Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut will definitely be accompanying me to San Francisco.

And on that note, it’s time to tackle  that suitcase…

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

I’ll try to pop in Monday, however the internet can be sketchy in hotels, so if I don’t post, I’ll catch you all Wednesday!


I want to know…

What do you do when you’re unable to do the workout you originally planned? Throw in the towel? Try out something new? 

What’s your go-to pre-workout fuel? Any gummy bear-eaters out there? 😉

What’s your favorite salad dressing—both now and when you were little?

I’ve always loved creamy ranch and blue cheese, but I also love a simple drizzle of truffle oil and lemon juice.

Do you ever wear the same outfit two days in a row?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!







  • Khushboo

    Wait doesn’t everyone wear their outfits twice?? That’s the beauty of not bumping into anyone…at least for me ;)! That’s a bummer about the squat rack- I hate when others hog the machine I want to use…in the words of Stephanie Tanner: “How rude”! Other than opt for another workout, I always keep staring in the machine’s direction hoping that it frees up…doesn’t always work ha! As for my pre-workout fuel, it’s usually a handful of almonds & raisins. I know fats aren’t ideal before and after a workout because of their slow rate of digestibility but it works for me :)!

    Safe travels to San Fran, Sara….hope the hotel beds is super comfy!

    • Sara Stewart

      Thanks, girl! Oh, I always eat fats before a workout, too…If I don’t, I crash hard halfway through!

      Hugs, and happy Friday! <3 xoxo

  • Lucie Pfaendler

    I swear, I can not have Granola Clusters in the house. These make me so addicted I’d eat them all in one sitting!! And gummy bears while a workout? Now that is a very new strategy. If it helps, I want to know and jump right on that bandwagon!!
    I adapt my workout if MY machine is occupied. There are so many alternative ways to do an exercise, no reason to throw the towel!!
    Yaaaaay SFO!!! Have a wonderful time Sweetheart!!! xxx

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, I have the same granola cluster addiction! They’re dangerous! Happy Friday, love!

  • Coco

    cobb salad looks sooo good… I didn’t know that ranch is made with buttermilk. Which salad brand you said that you like now?

    i dont’ go to the gym so there’s no machine non-availability for me, but if there was, i’d just switch up to something else.

    I don’t eat pre-or post workout unless I’m hungry.

    I love cesar dressing, specially the one that chopt salad has, spa caesar.

    I rarely wear the same outfit two days in a row unless laundry is pending. 😉

    have a nice trip to SF>.

    • Sara Stewart

      I’ve never tried Chopt caesar dressing, but I’ll definitely go there once I’m back in DC! The dressing brand is a local Boise brand called Toby’s…all their dressings are fresh and additive-free!

      Happy Friday, Coco! <3

  • lindsay cotter

    purple fruit loop taste? sign me up! YUM! and that cobb salad! safe travels friend. Stop by Austin on your way, k?

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, yeah, they remind me of my childhood! Oh, and I’ll definitely swing southward to Austin on my way. Meet me at Whole Foods? 😉

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    I hate it when people hog the machines/equipment/space at the gym. What drives me bonkers is when people just put their stuff on the bench when they’re not even using it for extended periods of time! 😛 If my gym plans get thwarted, I just try to rearrange my workout like you did.

    And I loooove Cobb salads – so many awesome flavours in them! I think my favourite salad dressing when I was a kid was Caesar… and it’s still my favourite! But I also love a dressing made with olive oil, really really good balsamic, and a drizzle of honey.

    Have an awesome time in SF! :)

    • Sara Stewart

      I recently discovered how amazing honey is in dressings! Love it!

      Hope you’re having a great road trip with your mom! <3

  • Lillian_SeizeTheLatte

    I’m absolutely a “wear the same outfit twice” kind of gal — I do it all the time! :)

    As always, I found myself nodding emphatically with everything you posted here. The granola! The almonds! The amazeballs Cobb salad! That quesadilla! Everything here is a win, darling. When you get back to DC, we might just need to meet up and have a GF feast.

    Have an awesome time in San Francisco!

    • Sara Stewart

      I am so on board with your GF feast proposal! Happy weekend! <3

  • Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Bah, i hate it when the squat rack gets hogged. My current gym only has one, so if I go during a busy time period it tends to be taken up. But I neeeed it for my squats! I’ll usually just rearrange my workout schedule a bit, and when it’s free I pounce on it!

    I think when I start work next week I’m going to become a morning exerciser, so I’ve got to start thinking of what I want to do for pre-workout fuel. I’d be cool with gummy bears 😉

    Favourite salad dressing…tough one! When I was a kid I used to drown everything in ranch. Now, I usually go for a mix of olive oil and balsamic or a balsamic vinaigrette. Although, I have been loving the pineapple curry dressing I picked up a few weeks ago!

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday Sara!

    • Sara Stewart

      Oooh, pineapple curry dressing sounds amazing. What brand is it?

      I used to be an early morning exerciser, and always struggled with pre-workout fuel, too. I’d usually eat a half banana, which would hold me over for 45 minutes, but if I stayed any longer, I’d crash! However, if I ate much more right before hitting the gym, I’d feel sick. It’s a tricky balance! Happy Friday! <3

  • Claire

    Ah yes, the hotel faceplant. It cannot be beaten after a long day! Gummy bears during a work out sound amazing, I’d totally give it a go! Although maybe only for weights, they might be a bit sickly when running.Your Cobb salad looks delicious, I was never fond of salads when I was younger unless they were drenched in my mum’s dressing. I still haven’t been able to recreate it! I’m so excited that you tried the almonds, I saw them advertised and really want to give them a go. Have a great weekend Sara!

    • Sara Stewart

      My mom made an amazing dressing, too! Why does mom’s food always taste better, no matter how closely we follow their recipes? They definitely have a secret touch. 😉 Happy Friday, Claire!

  • Sally

    Give Alec and SF a big hug for me! Don’t forget to visit the new Nespresso store…amazing place. That bacon taco idea is very clever. Let’s try! xo

    • Sara Stewart

      I will! Wish you were coming with me! xoxoxo

  • Lori and Michelle

    Bacon taco wraps – oh wow!! yum
    and yes we admit to wearing same outfit 2 days in a row, hey it happens 😉

    • Sara Stewart

      The bacon taco wraps are pretty genius, right?! Happy Friday, ladies!

  • Cassie @RedLetterDaye

    LOL. I totally do the annoyed sighing thing when my gym is crowded. I don’t think I could manage squats at the end of my workout, since they are def. the hardest and I often feel pukey during them. I like to get them out of the way.

    You’re bacon and quesadillas are making me drool.

    Have a fun trip!

  • Anna Smith-James

    I am amazed that there is a ripped guy who eats sweets WHILE lifting weights. That is truly impressive! I used to love people watching at the gym. It was fascinating. Like a lady who held on for dear life on the treadmill. I’m sure it was more an arm workout! Though it would really stress me out if people were machine-hogging. It’s just rude!
    Your Cobb salad looks so good. A while ago I thought a Cobb salad was just a salad full if the corn from corn on the cobs :-S whoops. I totally agree about the dressings from shops. They’re always full of such rubbish. Usually sugar and salt and strange chemicals. My favourite is something sweet like balsamic. Though I won’t say no to a good Caesar dressing!
    Though I didn’t know many if the cereals as they’re all American it really made me laugh. Especially the cookie cereal one with the ice cream reference.
    Honestly if I could live in either PJs or workout clothes I so would. I literally change into comfy clothes as soon as I get in.
    Have a lovely weekend :) x

  • Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    omg i want a quesadilla now

  • Brittany Lesser

    I hate when the gym is so busy that I can’t use the machine I want. I totally wear the same clothes if no one saw me in them 😉 hahaa seriously, all of your food always looks amazing. I’m still taking you up on that chef swap offer! Have an amazing time in San Fran, I’m so jealous!!

  • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    OMG bacon tacos?!?! What the?! I think that’s too much even for me.

    Have you never heard of gummy bears post-workout? Mind you, I’ve never heard of having them during a workout… But the simple sugars are where it’s at. Some of the top bodybuilders (usually male, mind you) eat simple sugars like gummy bears, ice cream, etc post-workout because your body needs it! I hate gummy bears so never tried it.

    My gym only has one squat rack but it’s luckily hardly ever being used (everyone is on the three smith machines instead!). On the rare occasion it’s occupied, I will do some high rep goblet squats instead for a serious booty burn! Have a great trip in San Fran!! xoxo

  • runwithspoons

    You sound as bad as me when it comes to packing 😛 No matter how hard I try to get things in my suitcase early, it almost never ends up happening. Hope you managed to get it all done and not forget anything!

    The gummy bear stash is hilarious… but I’ve heard of people taking similar approaches with jelly beans, ice cream, cookies, and other junk foods. In fact, some of the leanest people I’ve ever seen seem to eat some of the junkiest foods… It’s one of those things that just seems completely counterintuitive but true. I remember eating a completely horrible diet and not having any problem maintaining my weight, but having a harder time with it when I switched to healthier foods. Not quite sure what to think about that one…

    And oh man… the caption about Cap’n Crunch made me laugh big time. I do remember the bleeding gums lol.

  • Devon @ Health in Equilibrium

    I get so annoyed when people hog machines! The worst is when they just sit there and stare blankly at the wall. Those Cobb salads actually look like the legit restaurant kind, very nice job on the presentation!

  • Jessie

    A bacon taco shell? Now that’s something I could do! I’m not sure what’s going on, but lately I have been obsessed with bacon. Like to the point where I have to have atleast one slice per day.

    Blueberry almonds? Now I know those “fruit loops” don’t exist over here. You know if they sell them online, or are they too “new” of a product still?

    I hope you have the most wonderful time in San Fran & enjoy every second of your vacation <3

    When I was little I used to love ranch, and then it changed to Caesar, but now a days i'm a huge fan of salsa. Weird, but so good :)

  • Allison @ Life’s a Bowl

    All of your eats are making me drool and I just finished breakfast and *thought* I was satisfied 😛 I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend in SF! And as much fun as you’re having out there, come back this-a-way soon so we can dip our toes into some shenanigans together 😀 XO

  • Melissa @ Mouthwatering Morsel

    HAHAHAHA I do the same thing with clothes .. but I wait like a few days before actually wearing them again … just in case. :P. I love squats … my dude friends said I need to put a barbell on my back squats but I don’t think I’m ready for that. happy weekend girlie girl!! <3

  • Rach

    A taco made out of bacon?! Brilliant! Also, I totally do that with my clothes too, haha! Like, all the time. 😉

  • Courtney Violet Bentley

    I have to have my coffee and coconut oil with almond milk preworkout it just pumps me up! Hope you are having an amazing time in San Fransisco!! I used to eat cereal but it gives me tummy aches now so I have to skip it and just eat puffins when I am over there fact I’ll have a tummy ache later on 😉 workout for me is always planned but if someone is in my way I’ll go to another body part and just trade the workout days around, you almost want to be like ahem,,, I am here now you steer clear so I can get my move on! Sending you fun times this weekend and lots of yummy eats! Love + Shine Courtstar

  • Heather Powers

    Hahaha, I SO wore the same outfit two days in a row last weekend! In my defense, I didn’t put the outfit on until Friday night. I loved it so much that I threw it back on Saturday afternoon and wore it all day! But yeah, I’ve also been known to rock the same yoga pants all weekend too! No shame!

    They can’t be hating on my Life and Chex…and cream of wheat? I grew UP on that stuff! Do you remember the instant ones that used to come with the packets of jam that you could use to “decorate” your bowl? Loved those! I love me some Capt’n Crunch too, but I have to agree with them…it’s like chomping on razor blades sometimes! Same thing goest for Fruit Loops…which is why I MUST get my hands on those almonds!! Ahhh!

    I usually workout on an empty stomach, but if I feel like I need a little something, I always go for a date stuffed with nut butter or a small bar like a Soy Joys.

    I hate it when people hog the machines at the gym! Or even worse, when they are just hanging on them and talking to people and NOT using them! I usually go around and do my other sets and try to come back to that machine, but if it’s STILL taken, I’m forced to think of something else! Of course sometimes that just motivates me to push harder…while I’m cussing them under my breath! Lol

    Favorite dressing as a kid: honey mustard or thousand island
    Favorite dressing now: I’ve reignited my love affair with ranch (found a great yogurt based one free of sketch, but I also like just plain balsamic vinegar too…or hummus thinned with a bit of water!

    BACON TACOS?!?! Omg!! Love it! And that super cheesy quesadilla looks sooooo good!

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