Weekend by Numbers {4.29.13}

by Sara on April 29, 2013

Twoslices of cinnamon toast devoured Sunday morning. I’m dealing with a severe cinnamon toast obsession right now. You know… buttered toast sprinkled with cinnamon sugar? It tastes like my childhood. Circa 1991.


p.s. I’m also newly obsessed with this bread.

Eightythe decade that inspired these.


I’m not really sure what makes them 80’s glam, but considering I’m a product of the 80’s (1985, represent!), and I like glam things…and I ADORE colorful markers—especially Sharpies!—I kinda sorta really need them.

Onepudding recipe pinned. I’ve done the avocado pudding thing, and the black bean brownie thing. But avocado and black beans together?  Hrmmm. You’ll be the first to know when (IF!) I warm up to the idea.


As a former Jello pudding cup-eating expert, I take my pudding seriously. Remember those Jello pudding cups? My mom packed  one in my lunch box nearly every day, and I’d always eat it first. Gah, I loved those things. Especially the half chocolate and half vanilla. Oh man. So good.

Speaking of so good…

Fourdifferent types of meat taste-tested at Chipotle Friday night. I couldn’t decide between chicken, steak, carnitas, and barbacoa, so I asked to sample them all. Nevermind the fact that I’ve tried the steak and chicken on bajillion times…and the fact that  I was holding up a line of oh, 10 people (sorry, hungry patrons! )…


I finally decided on both steak and chicken. That epic burrito bowl was piled high with salsa, fajita vegetables, and guac.

Not quite enough quac, though.

IMG_3722Thank goodness for side orders! Craving satisfied.


Countless—minutes spent listening to this crooner.


Mmmm. Loooove me some Buble.

After our Chipotle fest, my mom and I swung by Target for a little Friday night fun. Translation: we needed toilet paper and Lindt chocolate. However, as all well-informed shoppers know, she who enters Target for two items, leaves with 20. One of those items was that CD. I honestly can’t remember the last time I purchased a CD. Maybe 1999? Kidding. It was 2003. Nevertheless, this album is totally worth the $13.99 price tag because I now get to stare at Michael’s gorgeous face every single day.

OneDisney sountrack downloaded on iTunes.

tumblr_lexeigvFhf1qe5ytno1_1294862826_cover“When I was a lad I’d eat four dozen eggs every morning to help me get laaaarge!  And now that I`m grown I eat five dozen eggs, so I”m roughly the size of a barge!”

Remember that song, sung by the chauvinistic Gustan? Now that’s a brawny  face I wouldn’t want to stare at every day. Meg and I attended the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast Saturday night, and to say we acted like giddy little girls singing along to our favorite tunes (Be our guest, be our guest!), would be an understatement. Belle is my favorite Disney princess, and Beauty and the Beast is the first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater, so it goes without saying that I had SO much fun!


Three—part meal eaten before the show.



Two—fingers used to eat that rainbow roll. Is it just me, or are chopsticks overrated?


Okay, it’s just me. Maybe if I could learn to use them correctly, I’d think otherwise, but considering I fail miserably every time I try to use them to pick up a piece of sushi, I’m going to stand by the fact that fingers are more efficient. 😉

Forty-Eight—percent of the RDA of fiber in a half cup of So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream.


Holy hefty Batman! That’s a LOT of fiber. You can’t beat the nutritious and delicious duo, though. And by nutritious I mean…it keeps my digestive system humming along quite nicely. TMI TMI TMI.

One—pair of sandals lusted over.


They just scream summer sunshine, don’t they? Problem: neon yellow doesn’t look so cute on my size 9.5 feet. #bigfootproblems

One hundred-eighty—pages to read before May, 10th—the day my favorite book hits the big screen!


I want to re-read The Great Gatsby before it premieres in 11 days, so I picked up a copy over the weekend. Who else is super stoked to see Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby? 

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsby{source}


One—new-to-me milk purchased. I’m a devout almond-milk buyer, but this stuff was on sale at Whole Foods, so I decided to give it a go.


Sidenote: I used to be a big milk drinker when I was young, but now I never drink it straight from a glass. It’s fantastic in overnight oats, baked goods, and even cereal,  but straight up? I just can’t do it!  

Two–days it took for delayed onset muscle soreness to set in after completing Friday’s workout. I’m currently exercising my biceps twice/week because they’re the most stubborn muscle group in my body. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 9.28.03 PM

If the soreness I woke up to Sunday morning is any indication of growth, then arms like these will be mine in no time. 😉 Needless to say, the two rest days I took over the weekend were much needed—and enjoyed.

Zero—meals planned this week. Major Meal Plan Monday fail. But I have a semi-good excuse. Instead of spending my time searching for recipes, I was spent my time planning something else…

Five–days until I fly to San Francisco! My mom had a travel voucher on Southwest, and offered to let me use it to hop down for a quick 3-day weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.36.37 AM

While I’m there, I’m planning on meeting up with a few friends, as well as two “blends”—Gina and Emily! Another must-do: ice cream at the famous Bi-Rite Organic Creamery.

SF-Trip-preview-1-BiRite-Creamery {source}

The menu includes  some pretty drool-worthy flavors: Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, Strawberry Balsamic, Roasted Banana, Salted Caramel, and Malted Vanilla with Peanut Brittle and Milk Chocolate Pieces.

Exclamation points!

Two—marvelous mantras worth remembering this week.



Be bold and brave today, and believe in your beauty. Be courageous and go after your dreams.

Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do. This moment is as good a time as any to begin doing what matters most. Start where you are right now. Do what you can with what you have NOW. Stop over-thinking and start DOING.


Happy Monday, everyone!


I want to know…

What’s the first movie you remember seeing? Who’s your favorite Disney princess?

The first movie I remember watching is The Little Mermaid, but the first I remember seeing in a theater is Beauty and the Beast. Belle holds a special place in my heart, but I also adore Jasmine. I might adore her adorable tiger, Raja, even more, though!

What was your favorite lunch box dessert when you were little? 

Any other pudding cup fans out there?

What type of milk do you buy–if any?


If you lift weights, which of your muscle groups is most stubborn?

  • Khushboo

    Oh wow that coconut ice cream looks deeee-lish! And fun fact for you: sushi is actually meant to be eaten with hands instead of chopsticks. I was reading an article on sushi etiquette the other day (don’t ask why haha) and apparently that’s the correct way to do so :)!

    That’s so awesome that you got to see the Beauty & The Beast musical- it’s still one of my favorite Disney movie! I can’t remember the first movie I saw but I do remember that the worst PG-13 movie I saw was The Brady Brunch..I remember feeling oh so cool because i must have ben 11 or 12 at the time!

    I’ve only tried coconut milk a couple of times and love it- especially in coffee! I don’t really drink milk anymore except in my coffee and for that I buy soy milk!

    Happy Monday, Sara :)

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      No way! This is fantastic news! I’m going to search for that article so that I can defend myself the next time my friends and family members laugh at me for using my fingers. ;-p

      Ahh, The Brady Bunch…I loved that movie, and was obsessed with Marsha because I thought she was the prettiest. Nevermind that she was a total brat. Haha! Happy Monday, Khushboo!

  • http://twitter.com/FitSwissChick Lucie Pfaendler

    Oh my god, are you sure you want that biceps?? :-) But I can totally relate on the arm-stubborness. I slightly start to show off my shouldermuscle, but it’s far from what I want.
    Yayyyy for SFO!!! I am so jealous! Hope you have a fantastic time there!
    My first movie was the Junglebook (I am a seventie’s born girl – old, but Hippie :-)) I absolutely loved it. But my alltime favorite Disney movie is Lion King, I saw it 563897 times and still watch it from time to time.
    That coconut milk sounds so delicious! Like you, I can not drink it from the glass – I love it in my smoothies and oats though. Happy Monday Lovie, Huge Hugs!!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Haha, noooo, I’ll NEVER have biceps like Jamie Eason! I figure if she’s my inspiration, I ‘ll *maybe* get 1/4 of her arms. 😉

      Lion King is my favorite Disney movie, too! It was actually on TV last night, and you better believe I watched it! Hugs! xoxo

  • Jessie

    These posts of your always start my morning off on a happy note. I love seeing all your new food finds,clothes accessories, and just hearing about your life in general. I won’t lie, I kind of envy you… in a good way of course! you always have so much happening, and always seem so happy. I love it.. and YOU! :)

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Aww, thanks, love! <3 Believe me, I'm not always happy…I definitely had my crabby moments last weekend…just ask my mom! 😉 Love you! <3 xoxo

  • Sophia

    I love belle the most too! First Disney movie was the lion king- love it and I cried so much- I was 3 and it was also the first movie I saw at the cinema! I would have loved seeing beauty and the beast on stage- lucky girl! Oh I wish I could somehow tap my red shoes and be in San franscisco with you 😉 try some strawberry balsamic for me- next to vanilla bean that sounds like my dream flavour. I do drink milk- full fat raw milk from a farm close to me- it’s wonderful in smoothies and hot chocolate etc but I sometimes have it plain before bed. As for lunch box sweets I weirdly loved frozen orange wedges but something a bit more exciting was leftover apple cake made with semolina and olive oil mmm…. Or near holidays panettone slices yum :) Love that rainbow roll- fingers for the hungry girl are always preferable Love and hugs Sophia

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie, too! It was actually on TV last night, and I *of course* watched the entire thing (and may have sung along to the songs, too). 😉

      I will definitely enjoy an extra scoop of strawberry balsamic ice cream for you in SF…unless you’re able to tap those shoes and come join me yourself! Let me know if you figure out how to make it happen, k? 😉

      I’ve never tried raw whole milk, but I’ve heard it’s absolutely delicious! Happy Monday, love! <3

      • Sophia

        If I meet Oz (and if he looks like James Franco this would totally rock) I will let you know lovely girl 😉 -Someday I will get there! Love love

  • http://balancejoyanddelicias.wordpress.com/ Coco

    I will get that bread next weekend, sounds delish~~~

    black bean and avocado pudding, that must be a bomb, a fiber bomb! let us know how you like it if you make it.

    I buy Tj’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk, the best almond milk out there in my opinion. I’ve tried the coconut milk but didn’t care for it.

    stubborn muscle? abs? well… to be fair, it’s more because I haven’t been working them much lately.

    happy weekend and have a fun trip to SF

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      My abs are stubborn, too! And yes–the pudding would definitely be a fiber bomb! xoxo

  • Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    So jealous you got to see Beauty and the Beast! Easily my favourite Disney movie and Belle was always my favourite princess. I was a book nerd when I was a kid, so I related to her the most.

    And yeees on the pudding cups. I definitely grew up with one of those in my lunch every single day! And I was all about the chocolate pudding…so good. I actually really love homemade pudding nowadays, I might have to think about making some up soon!

    I usually buy unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I needed regular cow’s milk for a recipe so I have some of that in my fridge right now, but I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve had it in about 6 months. I use milk for oats and for cereal, but I cannot drink a glass of it. Never have been able to, it was a nightly battle with my parents when I was a kid because I would hate drinking it!

    Happy Monday Sara! <3

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Yesss…another pudding cup lover! Did you know they came out with a s’mores version recently?!

  • Brittany Lesser

    That is my kind of drink, dinner, and dessert! Yummmo! I cannot WAIT to see the Great Gatsby!! It’s going to be amazing! I’m so jealous of you going to SanFran. Ahhhh, Cali <3 Can we move there together yet? ;D My shoulders and triceps are SO stubborn!!! I love working them though, so hopefully they start responding :) I definitely buy unsweetened almond milk. Always. My favorite.

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Yes yes yes! Let’s move NOW! Just let me know when you book your flight, k? 😉

  • http://twitter.com/MissPolkadot21 Miss Polkadot

    From having a dinner date with your mum, watching a childhood movie with a friend to listening to Michael Bublé: there’s such a lot of happiness in this post once again! Your by-the-numbers-posts never cease to make me smile :). And eating sushi with your fingers is a great idea for a chopstick-challenged person like me. Much better than using fork and knive .. not that I had ever done that or anything ;).

    Don’t make me pick a favourite Disney movie – it’s impossible. Maybe Rapunzel right now because it’s the movie I watched (again) most recently?
    The Great Gatsy …Leo … aaah. Admittedly, I haven’t read the book yet but went to a theatre play of it with my parents a while back.

    Happy Monday, Sara <3!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Haha, it’s okay, your sushi-eating secret is safe with me. 😉 I’ve definitely eaten mine with a fork and knife, too!

      I completely forgot about Rapunzel! I love both the movie and the book! Happy Monday, love! <3

  • Hannah

    Wow I saw that avocado black bean pudding thing too. I love black bean stuff (just made black bean donuts!) but somehow can’t get my head wrapped around avocado. I know, I know, but I’ll make it worse by telling you I’ve never been to Chipotle either!! Sooner or later.
    I haven’t seen a Broadway show since I saw Mary Poppins in high school, and that’s the only one I’ve ever seen. Must get to that.
    The first movie I remember seeing ever? Well I know we had Snow White but had to hide it in the closet because I was afraid of the mirror (who wasn’t?) and I went to see George of the Jungle in theatres with my Dad?
    I like to lift weights but I’ll admit that I don’t know enough about it to identify about my muscles. Shame on me.
    Milk! I guess I used to drink it as a kid, but nowadays I can’t stomach the stuff! I buy almond milk and coconut milk usually, because soy is more difficult to find unsweetened. I’ll try everything though and am always testing out new ones to see what’s good.
    Have FUN in Cali! I can’t believe you have a voucher!

    • Sara Stewart

      Ooh, black bean donuts?! Those sound really good! I loved the brownies, so I’m sure I’d love a donut version, too. :)

      I saw Mary Poppins while I was living in London, and loved it–mainly because it brought back so many childhood memories! Happy Monday, Hannah!

  • Lillian_SeizeTheLatte

    Ohhhh, cinnamon toast is the greatest! I love that stuff (always have, always will). :) And hooray for Chipotle — the official purveyor of deliciousness, if you ask me.

    My most stubborn muscle group is my triceps; I try to work them into respectable shape, but they insist on remaining weak. They’re stubborn bastards like that.

    As for Disney princesses, Belle was my favorite as well — she’s a nerd like me, and I could very much relate to the “she always has her nose stuck in a book” motif as well. :)

  • http://twitter.com/AnnaTheApple88 Anna Smith-James

    I have definite food envy with the chipotle meal…I love the fact that you could try before you buy! I would have done exactly the same. I’m so indecisive when it comes to ordering. I’m usually the one at a restaurant who keeps changing their mind and having to spend ages deciding….
    Ahh that’s so cool you went to see Beauty and the Beast! My sister and I would ‘allocate’ Princesses to each other. I was Jasmin and she was Belle. Alladin was by far my favourite Disney. I just loved it. They don’t make them that way anymore!!
    I really want to read the Great Gatsby. I’ve heard it’s brilliant. And I definitely want to see the film…ahhh Leo, how I love him. He just gets better with age :))
    Have fun in San Francisco! I went there a few years ago and loved it. Ben and me did an epic walk from our hotel to the centre. It took like 2 hours. But it was a great way to see the sights.
    Have a great week! :)
    P.S Almond milk ALL the way.

  • Davida Kugelmass

    I love silk vanilla unsweetened almond milk! Recently I’ve been into making my own almond milk though and this stuff is goooood. If it wasn’t such a hassle I think I would switch permanently!

  • Taylor

    Lady Jane! Belle is my favorite princess, too!!!! Does that help you at all in the care package department? 😉 PS- I love me some Michael as well….and josh groban -swoon- <3

  • Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Ahh I love everything about this- especially the fact that you are coming to SF! I can’t wait for us to finally meet! And I used to love those pudding cups too but black bean AND avocado? I’m a little skeptical! I didn’t know that Michael Buble had a new cd out! I’m going to be downloading that tonight! His wife is my age so I always feel like he could have just as easily married me 😉 And ahh I cannot wait to see Gatsby either! It’s going to be so good! Sounds like Beauty & the Beast was excellent too- what a fun night! You should have been in SF for the sing-a-long!

  • Claire @Keeping Up With Claire

    Looks like a faaaaaabulous weekend! I had NO idea you could sample at Chipotle! Also, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. You’re glowing with beauty in that picture at Chipotle!

    I also am a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan and was Belle multiple times for Halloween growing up. I used to love the pudding cups but also Gogurt-do you remember those?! Now the concept is a little gross to me, but at the time I used to absolutely love them.

    I buy Vanilla Almond milk and occasionally coconut milk. Last week, we bought goat’s milk too because Nick is lactose intolerant and I banned him from drinking cow’s milk anymore. Haha. My bis/tris are both preeeeetty stubborn. I’m feelings DOMS from my run yesterday, although you can’t really call it DOMS. But it sure feels like it.
    Hope you have an amazing week love! I’m excited for you to go to Cali-talk about a fun vaca!

  • julie

    SO exciting your San Fran trip!! You’re going to have a blast! I’ll have to catch you on the next one because I’ll be flying to Ireland when you’re en route to Cali!! I gotta say that the one time I had Chipotle I was just ehhhh about it! Idk maybe it was me but I was like I don’t get the big deal!! Did Michael Buble come out with a new cd???

  • http://www.sweatlikeapig.com/ Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    I really want to try coconut milk ice cream! I need ice cream in my life… although I can’t get over how much fiber is in that! So weird.

    I never used to be able to use chopsticks but I had to learn quick smart. On the first day of my last job, we went for lunch… at a Chinese restaurant that didn’t even have cutlery. I nervously made my way through lunch stabbing at meats and avoiding the rice, hoping that I would never have to embarrass myself like that again. It turned out that my work revolved around Asian food – I was eating with chopsticks every single time we went out for lunch, two or three times a week! Most of these lunches were business meetings so I had to look good and not spill food all over myself. Needless to say I’m now a pro at using chopsticks – I can eat anything and everything, including rice dishes haha. There’s a sushi place here I’d love to take you to!

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    I am totally crushing on cinnamon toast right now. Except mine involves using Truvia instead of sugar because I actually do not have any sugar in my apartment! It sure tastes pretty darn good just the same :).

    And seriously..you can never EVER have enough guacamole when it comes to Chipotle. I can always go for extra ;).

  • http://twitter.com/Shortqtpie Krista

    Woohoo fellow 1985 child! I need some cinnamon toast in my life- especially the cereal from Cascadian Farms. SO good!

    I don’t remember the first Disney movie I saw. Maybe Aladdin? My favorite princess is Aurora! I just love Sleeping Beauty! And that quote from B&B- my bf sings that all the time :)

    I buy almond milk- unsweetened vanilla. Yum!

    My triceps will never slim down. Its an uphill battle I hope crossfit will fix! Happy Monday!! PS- take a gander at the blog today :)

  • http://lisalately.com/ Lisa

    I went to beauty and the beast as a kid and it was kind of the best ever! I loved it.
    I’m sooo excited for the Great Gatsby! I bet it will be So good.
    Yay, have fun in San Fran. I’ve never been before but I always hear great things about that place!
    Um can we please move to California together, it’s like my dream place to live…so I somehow have to make my way out of Canada;)
    And obviously I’m a HUGE fan of coconut milk ice cream. It’s my love. Coconut anything really.
    My favorite Disney princess was ALL of them. I don’t think I told you about my Disney obsession when I was 3-4. But, my parents told me that the only clothes/PJ’s I’d EVER wear HAD TO be Disney themed. They said I wouldn’t touch a sock, shirt, dress, PJ’s, or pants unless it had some Disney character on it. Yahm you could say my pictures from that age range are…interesting to say the least haha. Oh gosh.
    Happy Monday lovee! Miss you!

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    That’s so amazing that you went to see the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast – I bet it was amazing! Belle is my favourite Disney princess too – I could always relate to her because I was/am a bookworm as well.

    How do you like that coconut milk? I’ve been wondering about it! I buy either cow’s milk or soy milk – whichever I’m in the mood for.

    I’m so excited for The Great Gatsby movie! I really should re-read the book too. The last time I read it I was 16 I think, so my memory if it is pretty foggy.

  • Sally

    Love the quotes…good ones to read over and over every single day! Lots of fun tidbits in this post. So happy you enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. When I went last night, it really reminded me of your childhood years…boy, did we ever listen to that sound track a lot!!!

  • purelytwins

    everything looks great – making me hungry haha
    Can’t wait to see the Great Gatsby as we love Leo :)

  • Maria Tadic

    I saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway as a kid. I loved it! Although Ariel tops as my fav disney princess, Belle is a close runner up. I always wished I could live in a castle like that!

  • Melissa @ Mouthwatering Morsel

    Love your nail color. Barbacoa … always barbacoa. jealous you go to see beauty and the beast … next musical, take me. kthanks. and jealous about san fran too. haha. I love everything about this post! happy monday gorgeous!

  • runwithspoons

    Too much love in this post! I just bought that Michael Buble cd the other day as well – countless minutes spent swooning is right. I swear, that guy could sing the phone book and it would still sound amazing. And I love the entire soundtrack from Beauty and the Beast. Belle is definitely my favorite Disney princess, and Beauty and the Beast may just be my favorite Disney movie. I saw the musical on my birthday one year, and really, really loved it :)

    I’m so jealous that you got to enjoy all of the Chipotle flavours when I haven’t been able to eat there in -months-. The last time was when I was in Vegas in December, and I’m thinking that I’m going to have to take another trip down to the States just to be able to enjoy it again. Silly Canada. And girl, I’m right up there with you on the pudding cup love. Those and fruit snacks were my absolute favorite.

  • http://www.starsystemz.com/blog Courtney Violet Bentley

    Sounds like some countless experiences this weekend :-). My favorite Disney movie had to be Lion King not sure why but I was obsessed..literally obsessed for years! I have been wanting to watch a play since my girlfriends went and saw Cinderella recently I am happy to see remakes of these movies popping up as plays all over so cool! I was a go-gurt fan when I was little or twinkies..wow shows how much I have changed lol. Hope you have a great start to your week Sara!! Love + Shine Courtstar

  • http://twitter.com/flakeandcake Claire

    Sounds like an amazing weekend full of fun Sara! Not sure I could go with avocados and beans in a dessert, let me know if you try it ;). I love the Great Gatsby and cannot wait for the film!

  • Jess @ JessieBear

    I’ve been loving coconut lately! Lemme know what you think of that brand of coconut milk. And if you try that avocado black bean thing. SO curious!

  • Liv @ Life as Liv

    I’m so jealous of your trip to San Francisco!! I went there for my spring break this past year and fell in love. Do yourself a favor and go eat at Sushirritto. (Sushi in burrito form…it’s that amazing). Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • http://twitter.com/ThisItalianRach Rach

    Your chipolte bowl looks AMAZING! Oh my yum! And I love So Delicious ice cream! It is so yummy!

  • http://twitter.com/kissmybroccoli Heather Powers

    Omg, Belle is my favorite Disney princess too! I was always a big bookworm growing up so I completely related to her…oh and Ariel too because of the red hair (given) and the fact that I loved to go around the house singing, “Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” haha!

    Great Gatsby is one of my most favorite books…and actually the ONLY book I was forced to read in high school that I enjoyed! I’m SO excited about the movie…I really need to get my hands on a copy of the book so I can refresh a bit before I see it!

    For the record, chopsticks are ENTIRELY overrated! And did you know that most people in Japan actually eat their sushi with their hands?! I saw it on a documentary on tv once and was like, “Ha! Redeemed!”

    Favorite lunch box dessert: Little Debbie Fudge Rounds or Nutty Buddy Bars OR Fruit by the Foot (which was a VERY rare occurrence) And even though I used to love cow’s milk as a kid and frequently threw back a glass a day, I developed a bit of a lactose-challenged tummy over the last few years so now I’m an almond milk girl! But I still love it straight up!

  • Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    The first movie I ever remember watching was The Little Mermaid, and she will always be my favorite Disney princess because of that. [Also, because we both have red hair…] My favorite prince, however, is Aladdin, because I think the music from that is my favorite. :)

    Oh my goodness. Cinnamon toast. Hello, childhood. I need to get some butter (or, well, non-dairy butter substitute?) so I can attempt a recreation. That is all I want right now….

    And I am obsessed with Sharpies and markers. I am pretty sure my love for brightly colored office supplies drove me to become a teacher.

  • Amy

    Do you know the name of your nail polish in the picture of you holding the sushi?? Love it!!

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