Semi-Ultra Instagrammer

by Sara on April 26, 2013

Happy Friday!

Rrrrrraise your hand if you’re ready for the weekend! Rrrrrraise your other hand if you don’t feel like making dinner tonight!

I certainly don’t. And I won’t because I’ll be devouring chips instead.


Not those chips. But I’ll get to them in a sec.

The last thing I want to do on a Friday evening is slave away in the kitchen, which is exactly why I think I’ll abandon my plans to make coconut flour crust pizzas, and instead have a hot n’ spicy date with Chipotle. Burrito bowl dinners at Chipotle always involve tucking into copious amounts of the best guacamole in the world—along with a few tortilla chips, OF COURSE.

But I’m getting away from the point. Yesterday I had a unique on-the-go lip-smacking chip-snacking experience.


It involved not tortilla chips–but Katy’s Kettle Corn Pop Chips. Coupled with cashew butter.

Admittedly, this wasn’t a shining snack moment, especially considering a few chip crumb stragglers are still lurking on the car seat. Whoops.

I don’t usually snack on chips because….well, I could eat them until I explode. I once heard that Schnauzers don’t have the sensation that tells them when they’ve had enough to eat, aka if their bowl of kibble was always full, they’d always be eating. I AM THAT SCHNAUZER. When it comes to chips, anyway.

I don’t know what it is – the salt? The crunch? All the things? I just love ‘em, but don’t ever keep them in the house because I’d eat the entire bag in one day.

But yesterday was a desperation situation. You know—one of those times when your stomach is screaming so loud, it won’t let you ignore it any longer. Those moments have become less frequent since I started planning my meals and snacks, but I’d forgotten the bag of chocolate protein bars (recipe link at the end of this post) I’d planned on eating in between my hair and gynecologist appointment (fun!) so I had to get creative.

IMG_0118The new ‘do! Lighter and two inches shorter.

Don’t let that smile deceive you. My stomach was knawing away at me in this picture!

I thought about squeezing the on-the-go packet of cashew butter (found at the bottom of my purse, no less) straight into my mouth, but opted to keep things classy. Enter: a half-eaten bag of kettle corn chips found in the door cubby of my mom’s car.

The combination of sweet, salty, and nutty was surprisingly delicious!

So delicious, I had to share the moment on Instagram.


My tendency to instagram (<–is that a legitimate verb yet?) experiences  like this might mean I’ve become an “Ultra” Instagrammer.



I got a good laugh when I spotted this infographic on Pinterest the other day, because I think it nails social media personalities to ‘T.” The article that accompanies the infographic asserts that there are 12 types of social media personalities, ranging from “ultras” to “virgins,” however most people using social media are usually a combination of personality types.

So, for example,  you may behave differently on Facebook than you behave on Twitter , Instagram. or blogs.

Which social media personality are you?

The Ultas — Check feeds dozens of times. Happily admit obsession.

The Dippers — Access their pages infrequently, often going days, or even weeks without posting.

The Deniers — Maintain that social media doesn’t control their lives, but get anxious when unable to access networks (guilty!)

The Virgins — Taking first tentative steps in social media.

The Lurkers — Hiding in the shadows of cyberspace. Watch what others are saying, but rarely (if ever) participate themselves.

The Peacocks — Popularity contest. High number of followers, fans, ‘likes,’ and re-tweets essential.

The Ranters — Meek and mild in face-to-face conversations. Highly opinionated online.

The Changelings — Adopt completely new personality online so no one knows real identity.

The Ghosts — Create anonymous profiles for fear of giving out personal information to strangers.

The Informers — Seek kudos by being the first to share the latest “stuff” with audiences.

The Approval-Seekers— Constantly check feeds and timelines after posting. Fret until people respond.

The Quizzers — Asking questions allows them to start conversations.

While I may be a “Semi-Ultra” Instagrammer (with an emphasis on semi), I’m definitely a “dipper” when it comes to Facebook; I don’t use it nearly as often as I used to! As for Twitter? I’m a total “lurker” who takes a daily “dip” or two. 😉


Because it’s Friday, and I like lists on Friday—especially lists of five—it would only be appropriate to share five of my favorite Instagram posts this week!


I’d love a few of these super cute Sparkly Soul blue and gold Boston Strong headbands.


This might be the best giveaway EVER! Enter here.

And once you win the giveaway, order this…


Absolutely Avocados Cookbook. Want. Need.


I’m totally tooting my own horn here, but last night’s dinner was too good not to share! Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Wrap “Tacos” with avocado, salsa, and Greek yogurt. Sweet potato fries rounded out the meal perfectly!


LOVE this.

As much as I enjoy Instagram, my one qualm with it is that it dangles the temptation to compare ourselves to the images that appear in front of our eyes. Sure, photos of rock hard bodies might inspire us to push a little harder in the gym, but when those photos create feelings of shame or inadequacy,  they cease to be inspiring.

Know that no matter where you are in your health journey, you are beautiful just the way you are RIGHT NOW.


Oh, and about that recipe…


I threw this picture at you on Monday, and finally got around to typing the directions and ingredients yesterday. Chocolate Cake Protein Bars are my new favorite on-the-go snack!

That is, when I remember to bring them along with me. 😉


That’s all for today! I have some exciting plans this weekend which include a Broadway performance starring one of my favorite Disney princesses. Any guesses which one?

Have an amazing weekend! 

p.s. If we aren’t already, let’s be friends on IG!

I want to know….

Which social media personality are YOU? Do you spend more time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or reading blogs?

Do you feel anxious or “removed” when you’re unable to access social media?

I’m guilty! However, I’ve gotten better at recognizing when I need to take a break. It’s nice to completely “unplug” from time to time.

Do you flat-iron or curl your hair regularly, or do you prefer to go ‘au-naturel?’

I have naturally wavy hair, but flat-iron it almost every day. Not good!

What are you eating for dinner tonight? Who wants to meet me at Chipotle?? 😉

  • Claire

    Sara your new hair is awesome! Very pretty. I love the look of that cake, especially with the peanut butter on top YES please! Avocados are incredible, a whole cook book devoted to them just blows my mind. Avocados are like dates in my humble opinion, it is rare to find something they don’t taste incredible with. And I can assure you that I’ve really tried! I guess I’m probably an ultra because I have to check all the latest news feeds for work and a ‘few’ blogs might have accidentally cropped up on that list 😉 I’m not so fussed on Facebook, Instagram or Pintrest though. Twitter is highly addictive and the best boredom buster. If I’m off work, I quite often just shut down everything and take a break, complete bliss! I used to straighten my hair a lot but now I just leave it, so much easier and it does look healthier. I just have to ignore the inevitable frizz! I’ve never been to Chipotle so would love to come join you and have a culinary tour! Happy Friday Sara :)

    • Sara Stewart

      Thank you, Claire! <3 I'd love for you to come join me for a culinary tour…beginning at Chipotle!

  • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Oh lord, I’m so bad at social media. I check FB regularly but that’s about it. I haven’t been on Twitter in about six months…. oops. I don’t have Instagram but I am loving Pinterest more and more each day. I’m so busy I don’t have time to check my social media feeds constantly! haha

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, I don’t recommend joining Instagram–it’s highly addicting! Happy Friday, Tara! <3

  • Allison @ Life’s a Bowl

    Cute new do and perfect for spring! I have yet to try those Kettle Chips but they sound like my kinda snack – a bit of salty + sweet. But topped with nut butter too? Heck yeah! A Chipotle opened a couple of months ago just near our apartment [walking distance] so it’s dangerous… And as my husband reminded me yesterday, I am an avocado maniac 😉

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, “avocado maniac”–love it! We can be avocado maniac sisters. 😉 Chipotle’s guacamole is my absolute favorite! There’s one a block from my house in DC, and I often stop by *just* to buy guac! xoxo

  • Sophia

    Ooh You look stunning! I love that your an ultra! Your friendly warm and welcoming blog has turned me from a lurker to a bit of a dipper :) I don’t have Facebook or twitter or instagram- but in Portofino having email is progress lol. I read a handful of beautiful inspiring blogs like yours and that’s about it! Absolutely adore avocados! That book would serve me well! If we meet in San Francisco you can introduce me to pop chips and we can revel in avocado and vanilla gelato love 😉 Hugs and happiness Sophia (and- I bet your hair would also look fantastico au-natural because you glow Sara)

    • Sara Stewart

      You are so sweet Sophia–thank you! <3 I LOVE the sound of our future San Francisco vacation! Pop Chips, avocado, and vanilla gelato sounds absolutely delightful! Happy Friday! xoxo

  • coco

    I want to meet you at Chipotle or elsewhere! 😀

    I’m a dipper now because I don’t have time during the day to check FB. i only check when i’m driving and there’s traffic (yes, dangerous!)

    I just blow dry my hair, never had the patience to do curl or flat-iron. You need to teach me that girl! 😉

    • Sara Stewart

      It’s a date! Chipotle at 7:00 tonight? Afterward, I’ll give you a flat-iron tutorial. :)

      • Coco

        sorry sweetie, saw this reply late. We need to seriously plan for a meet up!

  • Khushboo

    Hahah I love the different social media personalities- I am an Ulta and proud of it!  On a normal basis I frequently check my feeds but if I’m on holiday, it definitely becomes less of a priority!  I will definitely join you for some Chipotle tonight…at least virtually! We can add that to our list of places to eat at when we are in London together- I am there from end June till at least middle August so pleeeease make your trip happen :-)

    Happy Friday, my friend!

    • Sara Stewart

      Ahaha, let’s have a Chipotle Skype date! 😉 It can be a warm up for our real date in July! xoxo

  • Lillian_SeizeTheLatte

    I usually flat-iron my hair, but lately I’ve been exhausted by the process of beating it into submission. I’ve been letting it do its naturally wavy thang, which has made my life infinitely easier; the only trouble, though, is the fact that I really like how my hair looks when it’s straight. So, y’know, I have a hair dilemma on my hands. :)

    Oh, and social media? I’m a bona fide addict. I just got hooked up on Instagram, but I’ve been a Facebook and Twitter junkie for years.

    Enjoy your Chipotle tonight — I can totally relate to the desire not to cook after a long week!

    • Sara Stewart

      I completely understand your hair dilemma! It’s much easier (and healthier) to let it do its thing, but I like it straight SO much more!

      What’s your IG name? xoxo

  • lindsay cotter

    oh crap, i think i am an ultra. uh oh. and that snack is genius!!!

    • Sara Stewart

      Haha, it’s okay–we’re ultra sisters. Love you!

  • Lucie Pfaendler

    I love your new haircut, girl, you are gorgeous!!! And as SOON as my challenge is over, these chocolate protein bars are a must try!!

    I flat-iron my hair every time after washing/brushing. It’s very dry and frizzy, so with the flatening it gest better.

    I am a huge blog reader!! If I could, I would do blog reading as a job. I don’t do Instagram, but I am active on Twitter and Facebook – Instagram and Pinterest overwhelm me, I don’t even dare to open the pages.

    YES, pleaeaeaeaease I want to have dinner with you tonight!!

    PS: I replied to your comment on your blog regarding the meet up in Summer (this NEEDS to happen!!!) – check it and contact me on!! Happy weekend Beautiful, love you!

    • Sara Stewart

      Come have dinner with meeeee!!! <3 I would love to be a full time blog reader, too…Could you imagine getting paid for it?

      I'll email you soon about this summer! xoxoxo

  • Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    The new haircut looks fabulous! Such a pretty lady <3

    And I think I'm a Lurker…I'm on Twitter and Instagram, but I don't actually post that much. I'm trying to get more active on social media though! I'm all over blogs and Pinterest though 😉

    Those chocolate protein bars look fabulous! Definitely going to remember that recipe.

    Have a fabulous Friday Sara!

    • Sara Stewart

      Thanks, girl! Let me know if you try the bars–they’re really good, promise! Happy Friday! <3

  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    I SO need that avocado cookbook, too! You and I both know that we are pretty much obsessed! 😉 No shame!

    I am really digging the Pop Chips and cashew butter combo. I am fairly certain that that flavor would be delicious with ANY nut butter :).

    Have a great Chipotle dinner and a fabulous weekend!

    • Sara Stewart

      Yep, we’re avocado-loving sisters! Happy Friday, my dear!

  • Anna Smith-James

    Your hair looks lovely! Really nice style and colour. My hair is straight so I use flat-irons to just tidy it up after I’ve blow-dried it but nothing major. It won’t curl though which is so annoying.
    I love this social media thing! I think on Facebook I’m a real lurker. I somtimes upload photos if I’ve been on holiday or change my status if something crazy has happened. I use it more for contact with my friends who don’t live nearby than anything.
    Twitter I’m a dipper. I will read loads of tweets but only occassionally tweet myself.
    I’m desperate to try these Popchips! Everyone keeps going on about them but I haven’t had a chance to get some yet. I’m such a sheep…but no seriously, I think they’re right up my street. And with cashew nut butter!! I think this might have blow my mind a little hehe.
    Dinner tonight is grilled halloumi salad. Followed by a sneaky bit of cake I think. Well…it is Friday after all 😉
    Have a lovely weekend x

    • Sara Stewart

      Ooh, halloumi salad sounds delicious! Can I come join you for dinner? I’ll bring a bag of Pop Chips! 😉 xoxo

  • Miss Polkadot

    Guilty of being a semi-ultra with slight anxiety when I’m unable to check social media. It’s gotten too much lately, though, so I plan on taking a step back. Maybe not completely but I find myself spending too much time reading and commenting. It should be fun but feeling guilty for not commenting on all of my favourite blogs is not good :(.
    Regarding dinner: Me, me, me! I want to meet you at Chipotle … or Starbucks … or wherever else :)! Oh, also: Your new ‘do is great. I’d be curious to see your hair’s natural waves as I’m sure that looks fantastic, too.

    • Sara Stewart

      Yay, let’s meet at Chipotle at 7:00 tonight! 😉

      Oh, I totally understand how you feel about blog commenting–I feel extremely guilty when I can’t comment on my favorite blogs, too.When it becomes too overwhelming, I have to take a complete break for a few days–or even a week.

      Happy Friday! <3

  • Christina

    OMG I’m definitely an Ulta or Denier! haahh! Ok, both. YOUR NEW HAIR IS GORGEOUS. Yes, that deserved all caps. It is so so so pretty, both the color and cut. I try to leave mine wavy/curly whenever I can because it’s better for my hair. But when I style it, I need to flat iron or it does this weird Mrs. Brady curl flip. And it’s not cute…

    • Sara Stewart

      Thanks, lady! You are the queen of cute hair–major hair envy happening over here! Haha, the Mrs. Brady curl flip describes my locks perfectly, too! xoxo

  • Krista

    Your posts always make my day! I’m not sure which one I am, but I frequent IG and Twitter the most. I kind of just scroll through FB every once in a while. I had no email/IG/FB/Twitter- nothing!- access when in South Africa, and I was pretty anxious at first. But a few days in and it felt pretty good to be unplugged!

    I have naturally super flat and limp hair so I usually curl it every day.

    Dinner- depends on the bf, but I may just grill up some Trader Joes Chili lime chicken burgers and veggies :)

    Love the new do! Happy Friday!!

  • Claire @Keeping Up With Claire

    Hahahahahaha. I am that schnauzer! I’m dying laughing. YES-I feel anxious and removed when I’m away from social media, but sometimes it’s actually really nice to unplug. However, my love for social media has currently led me to my job as a social media brand manager so I kind of have to love it. 😉 I flat-iron my hair every single day…I wish I didn’t have to, but I do!

    I need some Chipotle in my life! There’s one right across the street from my apartment, yet I’ve only been twice. Maybe tomorrow? 😉 Happpppy Friday pretty girl! <3

  • runwithspoons

    I’m definitely a dipper. The problem is that I get so overwhelmed with all of the social media outlets out there that I tend to give up on trying to keep up to date with them because it feels like the moment I step away for a while, I miss out on waaaaaaay too many things. I honestly have no idea how people stay up to date with those things. Even if I’m just trying to commit to one or two, I still find it pretty difficult.

    Your hair looks gorgeous, Sara! I remember you mentioning that you sometimes think about doing something more drastic and switching it up, but your locks suit you so well right now, so why mess with a good thing? Or at least that’s what I tell myself too 😉 And I’m definitely up for a Chipotle date! It’s been waaaaay too long since I’ve been able to enjoy my favorite burrito bowl and I need a fix!

  • Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Omigosh I am the exact same way about chips- I literally cannot control my hand once it goes in the bag! I went a long time without eating them but since I’m so restricted there are 2 brands I can have so I do enjoy those pretty regularly now! And your haircut looks so cute- you look gorgeous as always! I didn’t know your hair was wavy too! Mine definitely is on the curly side of waves but I straighten mine daily too! And that social media thing was too funny- I am definitely a semi-ultra too when it comes to Insta and FB, and a dipper when it comes to twitter! I go through phases. Have an amazing weekend love! xoxo

  • julie

    I actually think that sounds like a WINNING combo for a snack hahaha – and really a great in the clutch idea! I NEVER feel like making dinner on Friday nights – hence why I usually convince someone to go out to eat with me or convince my mom to buy me dinner hahah thats going to have to change when I move out someday!

    BTW I’m totally an ultra social media person – I can’t help my Instagram addiction!!

  • Lisa

    Loooove the new hair do. You look fabulous and gorgeous as always!
    Can’t wait to make your chocolate brownies! They look divine!
    And a giveaway for avocados sounds amazing, must enter.
    Haha, the instagram photo is awesome. I definitely suck at social media, besides blogging obviously. I always forget to twitter, facebook, instagram. Oopsy.
    And if it isn’t obvious, I clearly use a curling iron or flat iron everyday to do my hair.. Otherwise it isn’t pretty in the slightest.
    Love you!xox Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Lauren Phelps

    Cool info graphic! I’m obsessed. I spend most of the day on Facebook and reading blogs. I get on Instagram a few times a day too. I feel GOOD when I’m removed. I strive to put it away when I’m around others. People ARE better than social media. hello!!! My hair is straight straight all the time.. I am blessed. ha! I would love Chipotle for dinner! Instead, I’ll be running in a glow in the dark 5k! Have a fabulous weekend!

  • Melissa @ Mouthwatering Morsel

    my hair is naturally stick straight. *sigh* I curl it once in a while though. like special times. I am a denier. I say I don’t need the social media .. but I freak when it’s down. actually I think I freak because that means I can’t access my shows …

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    Aww I WISH I could meet you at Chipotle! One of my favourite cuisines with one of my favourite girls? It would be perfect. :) Tonight I’m going to a dinner put on by a few local chefs – I have no idea what to expect, but I’m excited!

    I’d have to agree with you and say I’m a semi ultra Tweeter/Blogger but a lurker Facebooker. I definitely spend the most time on blogs!

  • Courtney Violet Bentley

    LOVE the new do! So perfect for SUMMER TIME 😉 I am FOR SURE a ULTRA INFORMER lol* I read both of those and was like UMM ME?? haha” I love Chipotle but have not had it in a LONG time, not sure why but you have made me crave it with ur IG post! I use steam rollers with a curling iron to touch up the next day and clip in extensions! It has helped my hair grow much better and seems thicker and healthier. Sending you an amazing weekend! Love + Shine CourtStar

  • Caitlin Dunlevy

    I need to make those protein bars and I want those cute!

  • jess @ jessiebear

    cute hair! Love a weird but good snack too. Oh and I am definitely an Ulta, I can’t help it!!

  • Cait

    have you tried sweet potato Popchips? amazing!!!

  • Liv @ Life as Liv

    I’m totally guilty of feeling anxious when I’m “removed” from social media even though I deny my addiction…Instagram-a-holic Anonymous anyone? I don’t flat-iron or curl my hair often, but I do a 5 minute blow dry routine and let the rest air dry. I’m too lazy to do much more :) Can’t wait to try those delicious chocolate protein bars!!

  • Rach

    I’m really bad about remembering to use Twitter. I am brand new to Instagram, but don’t think I will post much to it since I don’t actually have a smart phone so I’ll end up being a lurker, haha! I go through phases with Pinterest where I’m on it ALL the time, then not at all. I check Facebook a couple of times a day, but only post every now and then. If I DO post something, though, I’ll check often to see who has responded to it. Obviously I spend plenty of time blogging (reading/writing), but even with that I don’t feel anxious if I’m away from it. When I was in high school I would get really anxious/antsy being away from my Xanga (blog) and email, but that was in the days before all the other social medias existed.

  • Lindsay @ The Functional Foodi

    I love instagram. I use it to stalk food places because a lot of local Austin places put up their specials on instagram, so I know when the best time to go eat there is lol I’m probably a Dipper though because I get really distracted by school a lot and forget that I have all these social media accounts. Life fail.

  • Kristen RD, LD

    I love your new hair do! I just got some highlights and it had been years..I like it but am still getting used to it.
    I have been really bad about all social media but I do love instagram. I want to print out some of those photos too!

  • Jessie

    I tried leaving a comment before, like a day ago, however our internet was horrible and it wouldn’t go through (at least I don’t think so). Anyways….

    1. I absolutely love your hair. You are gorgeous darling
    2. Popchips & cashew butter.. I dig!
    3. I think I’d devour those Chocolate cake protein bars in oh… one sitting, okay I lie.. maybe two

    I used to flat iron my hair every single day, however now I almost never do.

  • Heather Powers

    Oh I am most DEFINITELY a “semi” ultra when it comes to IG. Facebook, I actually forget that I have sometimes (whoops?) and Twitter? Well let’s just say that 95% of my tweets are actually just my IG uploads! Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed! I will say that I’ve gotten a bit better about unplugging every once in a while, but geez, I swear sometimes I just don’t realize how much it sucks me in until I look up and see that I’ve let an hour go by while I was thumbing thru my feed! Lol

    Those protein bars look fan-freakin-tastic! Love the peanut butter action on top!

    And I used to flat iron my hair every day (I have naturally wavy hair too) but one day I decided to embrace the curls and now most days I just let it do it’s “thang” and rock the mess! Lol

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