Peanut Butter Protein Egg White Puffs

by Sara on June 22, 2012


Gosh, I’m so happy the weekend is here! School is finally over, which means I’m celebrating! I started the festivities early last night by watching Back to the Future under the stars in Dupont Circle  with  Zach, Jared, Chis, Elaina and Alec.

We sipped sparkling wine with sippy straws and sang along to the movie’s theme song, “Power of Love.”

It was a fun evening! Some of the best movies ever made were made in the 80’s, don’t ya think? Ferris Buehler’s Day Off.  E.T. When Harry Met Sally. The Princess Bride. Pretty in Pink. Back to the Future.  Classics. :)


On a completely unrelated note…

Do you ever feel like the inside of your car is a spot on representation of the current state of your life?

I do.

When my life feels as though it’s gone a bit out of control—-as it has over the past five months—-the inside of my car goes bananas. Legit, frightening. I don’t know how it happens, but my car will be clean one day, then an explosion occurs by the next day.

That’s what’s happening right now. I’m not sure where all those coffee cups came from. And pieces of tupperware. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!?

I must be going bananas too. 😉

You know what else is out of control? My egg white puff consumption. :)

And frozen yogurt.

Post-final treat Wednesday night. My last hurrah before I go froyo-less!

As I mentioned in my last post, my cravings have been exponentially stronger than usual. School stress has been a beautifully convenient excuse, but now that I’m finished with classes and my indulgences are no longer justified. 😉

So what does this mean? It means that I’m officially going froyo-less for a week. Please pray for me!

Time to stop thinking about froyo; let’s chat about puffy egg whites instead!

I’ve been eating them every day. Twice a day. They’re usually an integral part of my breakfast….

Parmesan egg white puffs with sauteed spinach and two pumpkin-oat protein bars

…as well as my afternoon snack.

peanut butter protein egg white puffs with peanut flour "frosting" drizzle

I can’t get enough of these little guys! They’re protein-packed, delicious and, unlike life, uncomplicated. 😉


4 egg whites (or 1/2 cup liquid egg whites)

Optional mix ins:

2 T. peanut flour (peanut butter)


1-2 T. grated Parmesan (cheesy)


1/4 cup pumpkin + 1 t. cinnamon (pumpkin pie)

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees; spray baking sheet with cooking spray.

2. Beat egg whites with an electric mixer for about 4 minutes until stiff peaks form.

3. Bake for about 3-5 minutes, or until slightly brown.

Drizzle with peanut flour “frosting” (2 T. peanut flour mixed with water and a dash of sweetener) or whatever your heart desires. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Love you all to the moon and back. <3


What’s your favorite way to treat yourself after achieving a big accomplishment?

Ice cream, champagne or a bubble bath for me. (Or all three…at the same time. Muaha).

Favorite movies from the 1980’s?

There are so many!

Any current “addictions” you’d like to confess? I promise I won’t judge. 😉

I have a TruWhip addiction that I’m trying to break.

  • juliee

    i can’t wait until next wednesday! tuesday is our big golf outing event at work and after that is done i’m getting a big fat DRINK hahaha i feel the same way about my car as my room — like my life is so hectic and busy right now and my room looks like a third world country! yayy now that school is over you can come play in new yaaaawk!!

  • Anonymous

    These egg white puffs look so delicious! Usually I make all my egg-white type snacks in the microwave, but whipping and baking seems like it would be a great change! :)

  • Live Learn Eat

    The egg white puffs look so tasty (and healthy)! I can totally understand the froyo addiction – I’ve been having too many sweets & carbs, so I think I’ll probably follow your lead and try a week of limited consumption (but I”m not going to cut them out entirely – quelle horreur!)


  • Gillian Young

    I need to try these egg white puffs! And I always say 80s movies are my absolute favourite – so much more fun!!

  • claire @ live and love to eat

    I can’t believe I haven’t tried these puffs – I remember book marking them almost a yaer ago! Congrats on being done with finals! <3

  • Danielle

    Those egg white puffs look awesome!!!! I need to try them ASAP!!! I totally agree on the car situation too! I always end up with a pile of stuff in there when my life is in chaos :)

  • Chelsa

    Congrats on finishing school!!

    I can totally relate to being messy and craving sweets when I am stressed. I think it’s a control thing for me. If I feel out of control and out of my groove, I end up eating froyo everyday too.

    Hmm my current addiction is fruit. I’ve been eating more fruit than normal lately because I’m trying to eat less sweets. Fruit is a nice way to gradually decrease my sugar cravings.

    Have a great weekend and try to stay cool!

  • Alexandra

    Yay for being done with school!! You deserve to celebrate up the wazoo! :)
    I tried a long time ago to make egg puffs and they came out super nasty tasting, but you’ve inspired me to try again, they look SO yummy with that peanut drizzle!! 😀
    My current addictions– egg breakfast scrambles with tons of veggies and salsa!! I’m drooling just thinking about them now haha
    Hope your weekend is out of this world amazing sista, sending sunshine and hugs your way! <3<3

  • Gothextramileblog

    Congrats for being done with school!!! I’ve made the egg puffs before, but the pumpkin and stuff would be a GREAT addition!!

  • Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Um……your arms are amazing!! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw that picture of you. Every time you post a picture you seem to grow more and more (in a good way! haha). Your progress in unbelievable <3

    I'm glad you're giving up the fro yo for a week! Ice cream is always my treat of choice. I know I shouldn't reward myself with food, but it's a hard habit to break!

  • Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

    Love movies on the grass!! We have that here in Vegas!
    And yes, I agree with you about the car. Mine right now is getting better, but just cause I have been getting more organized everywhere else. haha.
    These protein puffs look DELICIOUS!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Sally

    That’s so funny about your car, but I believe you!! Time for a trip to the carwash…inside and out! :) Oski will love you! Glad the movie at DuPont was fun. What a neat idea! xox

  • Sally

    PS….CONGRATS on finishing your exams!! Bring on summer fun!

  • Katie

    Congrats on finishing school for the summer! I loooove summer break… almost worth going back for it!

    I’m currently addicted to hummus + cheese quesadillas. This has been an obsession of mine for months!

  • Nicole

    YAY for summer fun! I am definitely going to try the egg white puffs!
    Champagne is a definite treat for celebrating-love the stuff :)
    Have you seen Rock of Ages? If you like 80’s movies, you’ll love it!
    Current addictions: pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joes. LOL-seriously!

  • callen47

    Congrats on being done with school! That must feel so good! A movie night under the stars sounds like a fun way to celebrate. I like to treat myself to a dinner out with friends after a big accomplishment! Good food + friends + wine can never be beat. 😉

    Favourite movie from the 80’s… that’s tough! Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, Ferris Bueller, and the Princes Bride are all great ones!

  • Meg Doll

    Ok, I am just lost for words.

    Oh Sara, why have we not met yet?! Honestly. Like, I know we ARE meeting and going to love each other and never want to let each other go, but really. You are truly an angel and I know you were meant to be my sister! Something just happened along the way and you aren’t, but we found each other now <3

    You are just stunning in that first picture AS ALWAYS! Oh my gosh <3 Like I just keep staring at you. Seriously. Wow wow wow <3 I hope you're proud of yourself baby girl <3

    I totally LOVE ET! <3 I was pumped when you mentioned it :) XO

    I'm not sure how I treat myself?? Usually a pedicure. Seriously. Or shopping. And that's usually shopping for groceries and an organic market or something 😉

    I'm easy to please 😉 HEHE!

    Currently I'm all about Greek yogurt!? About two months ago I wasn't having ANY greek yogurt, but now it is every day!

  • Yaara Leve

    OK–first your arms look incredible!! I can see how much hard work you’ve been putting into your workouts! Congrats girl! I also love egg-white puffs. I go the lazy-girl route and mix a bunch of egg-whites and about 2 tbs. of cocoa powder; lots of stevia and microwave for about 3 minutes–my version of a brownie.
    My addiction lately–cocoa powder–I seriously go through like a cup a day. I’ve been making those fudgies for dessert–soo good–just add cocoa powder; stevia; water–make into a paste and freeze–it tastes like a Hershey’s chocolate bar.
    And–movies under the stars are great!! They have a series here in Chicago along lake michigan that I’ve always wanted to go to–like every summer but never get around to it.
    Oh–and my fave 80’s movies–(I agree–too many)–but here are a few–“Dirty Dancing”–(Looove!!); “Pretty in Pink”; “Say Anything”(John Cusack holding that boom-box under her bedroom window–OMG OMG OMG)

  • Meg

    I love treating myself to frozen yogurt! Though I use it too many times to relieve school stress. I’m working on it! I know you can give it up for a week! I definitely know what you mean about your car saying it all about your life. I feel like I have practically been living in mine! I bet half of my meals of the day are consumed in it!

    My favorite movie from the 80’s is DEFINITELY Ferris Bueller’s day off. Hands down!

    Hmm… addictions. The the usual! Sugar and pasta, how I love thee.

    • Meg

      Um, and I agree with Yaara. Your guns look amazing! Way to go!!

  • Lisa

    Your egg puffs are the coolest looking things! I love ’em. Haha, good luck with the fro yo detox! Hope it goes well. I’ve been obsessing way too much over coconut flour + pumpkin. It may become a problem soon 😉 My fave way to treat myself are vodka lemonades with friends. Delicious. E-mailing you back tomorrow!! Have a great weekend my love!xo

  • Lindsay

    Oh man I feel you on the school as an excuse for eating thing. I usually just blame everything on school since I let it suck the life out of me. Those egg puffs look really cool and delicious. I am going to have to make them soon.

    80s movies are the best in my opinion. They are just timeless classics. My favorite is probably Xanadu with Olivia Netwon John. I definitely recommend it!

  • Kristen

    Your protein egg white puffs look so yummy — I need to try this! I’ve been eating a lot of cocoa powder pancakes made with egg whites — yum! Egg whites are such an amazing protein source!

    I know what you mean about needing a little time away from froyo. I spent about a month away from dessert and it was good for me. I was getting a lil’ too cozy with sugary desserts and making excuses to eat dark chocolate (it’s healthy, right?!) after every meal and then some! So yeah — my addictions probably include anything sugary/chocolatey, but I’m doing my best to keep that sweet tooth in check!

    As for 80s movies — Dirty Dancing all the way!

  • Min

    Wow! I’ve never heard of egg white puffs before! I can’t wait to try them!! And I’m with cream is my favorite way to treat myself after a long day at school =).

  • Mary Legare Whaley

    I reward myself with wine. Pretty regularly. I use both “good” days and “bad” days as deserving of said reward. I am addicted to an accidental discovery: a peanut flour + dark cocoa + maple syrup mix (also with a dash of sea salt, stevia, and enough water to turn it into peanut butter consistency). It’s the best dessert in the world. Sounds like a random mix of ingredients, but it’s amazing.

  • janetha [meals & moves]

    I need to make these!

  • Sam Mind Body & Soul

    What about cream of Tatar?

  • Sam Mind Body & Soul

    Mine just came out like marshmallows. These would be great alternative on keto ice cream for marshmallows. But I want them crunchy next batch ill cook longer than 5mins

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