Avocado Fries for Dinner

by Sara on September 14, 2011

Hi Lovelies!

We’ve made it over the hump! Let’s celebrate, just ‘cuz, shall we? πŸ˜‰

I know that I often go through my week in an automated way, forgetting to acknowledge the little triumphs—the small things in life that make it so wonderful—-and I’m guessing you may feel the same way. So why not take a luxurious bubble bath, bake a fresh batch of cookies, pop a bottle of wine (or kombucha!), enjoy an ice cream cone (I’m on the hunt for this flavor!)…

In other words, do something TODAY that makes YOU smile. :-)

Today I spent my first day interning at the USDA FNS, which oversees programs like Let’s Move! and The National School Lunch Program. So far I love my co-workers, and think that the next three months are going to be an energizing learning experience!

That said, I was a bit zonked after meeting dozens of friendly faces and digesting lots of new information.

My remedy: a refreshing, yet “indulgent” protein shake.

bourbon vanilla protein smoothie sprinkled with cinnamon

I’ve been loving my new container of Sunwarrior protein powder, but this afternoon I used another favorite, Tera’s Whey Bourbon Vanilla, and added cinnamon and xanthan gum to make it extra thick and creamy.

The little black straw you see there is typically plopped into all of my beverages, but after taking a few sips of my shake, I realized that a spoon would be a more efficient way to get the goodness into my belly.


Okay, enough about protein shakes (for a little while, that is, check out the recipe at the end of this post!). Time to move along to What I Ate Wednesday! Hosted by the lovely Jenn, at Peas and Crayons. <3

Let’s talk about the food that shook my world last night.

I stepped out of my ordinary.

I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I stepped out…And went somewhere I’ve never gone.

That somewhere was…the deep fryer. (!)

Avocado Fry: crispy outside, creamy inside

Yep, your eyes are seeing what you think they’re seeing. That’s an innocent heart-healthy slice of avocado that’s been dipped in egg white and breadcrumbs and then plunged into a bubbling bath of canola oil (which, by the way, is also heart healthy). πŸ˜‰

You guys.

It. Was. Amazing.

And the experience was all the more fun because I had my brother and his friend, Brad, in the kitchen helping me out!

me and the brother

I never slice an avocado without stealing a few pieces. πŸ˜‰

And apparently they never slice an avocado without…playing with it?? :-p

Brad and the Brother

I digress…

The avocado-breading process went like this:

1) flour (you can use a gluten free variety)

2)Β  egg whites

3) panko breadcrumbs (again, a GF variety works!).

Then the fun began!

Let’s take a look at the creamy, crunchy, melt-in-you-mouth goodness again, shall we?

We piled the avocado slices on a plate for everyone to enjoy. Next we added salt.

Then some pepper…

Whoops! An entire container of pepper = SPICY avocado fries! Still quite tasty though.

I rounded out my meal with Chicken Meatloaf Muffins, which were inspired by yet another Jamie Eason recipe.

Plus a very necessary ketchup drizzle…because ketchup makes everything taste better. :-)

My post-dinner treat was another take on the Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake featured in my last post.

**Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake**

1/2 c. pumpkin

1/2 c. lowfat cottage cheese

1 t. pumpkin pie spice mix (or a mixture or cinnamon, cloves and ginger)

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1-2 packets stevia (my favorite is Nu Naturals)

1 handful ice cubes

1. Mix everything in a blender until well combined.

2. ENJOY!!

Nutrition information: calories: +/~300, protein: 30 g

I wasΒ  so full from this shake, I skipped my whipped cottage cheese + peanut butter night cap.

That NEVER happens!

Here’s the thing though, it’s not such a bad thing to mix up the routine. In fact, I think it’s healthy to push ourselves outside our comfort ruts from time to time; whether it’s eating oats instead of eggs for breakfast, taking a new route to work, or trying out a new class at the gym. If we choose to avoid new experiences out of fear, we’re also choosing to ignore opportunities to grow. Our comfort foods and routines aren’t going anywhere; we can always return to them if we wish. But we only have a limited time in this life, so why not seize the day?

I’m a creature of habit. When I find something I love, I love it GOOD. However sometimes that love turns into a habit that I’m afraid to deviate from.

Next time I may bake those avocado fries. And tomorrow I’ll likely return to my tried and true cottage cheese. But in no way do I regret my choice to try out a new cooking technique simply because I knew it would yield something delightfully delicious.

Cheers to living life loud. Stepping outside comfort zones. Taking risks. And enjoying the ride.

Love you all! xoxo

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite fried food? (C’mon, you know frying makes everything taste better!)

Do you find that you tend to fall into ruts? Do you actively try to push yourself out of them?


What are your thoughts about me posting nutrition information on recipes? Yay or nay?




  • http://twitter.com/MegLIBTF Meg Bailey

    Ahhhhhhhh! My two favorite things! I’m excited to try out this recipe… though I fear I may never eat anything else again. My favorite fried things are onion rings and pickles. Though I’m betting I’d like fried ice cream. Add that to my to do list.

    I think I’m too ADD to get in ruts very often. Though I get into workout ruts at times. I try to get out of them by taking a new class or a new walking route or pretending to be a runner for a while. Or taking a week off. You know. πŸ˜‰


    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Fried ice cream is AMAZING! Definitely do it. I’ve never tried a fried pickle!

  • Cassie

    Oh my goodness gracious! Fried avocado?! No the heck way! Girl, I NEED these in my life. So want to try ’em! Who cares whether they’re healthy, right? This is pure deliciousness if I ever knew it.

    And that pumpkin pie shake looks amazing! 30 grams of protein would fill me up too! I like it when people post nutrition information, because let’s face it…most of us think about that anyways. :-) I also like to keep tabs on my protein count during the day!

    I definitely get into ruts…I don’t know that it’s such a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t prevent you from trying new things from time to time. Muah!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I didn’t realize how much protein was in that shake until I calculated it! I think I definitely reached my allotment for the day. :-)

  • http://sweatlikeapig.com/ Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Wow! I have never even thought of frying avocado. Definitely would like to try it, but maybe the baked version πŸ˜‰

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Haha, yeah I actually saw the recipe for a different version on another website and was so intrigued, I HAD to try them. I made a few healthy substitutions, but ultimately decided I better try frying them “for real” the first time around. Totally worth it! (But I probably won’t do it again!)

  • http://www.cottercrunch.com lindsay cotter

    oh ya, totally gonna try that one Sara. With loads of ketchup of course. That was your trial success, right? GOOD ONE!

  • http://thegrassskirtblog.com Erin @ The Grass Skirt

    You had me at avocado!! I’m kind of obsessed with avocado. In fact, I plan to do a post all about it soon, so I’ll have to link to this recipe. :)

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I’m obsessed too. And now I’m kind of obsessed with it FRIED. Haha. Looking forward to your avocado post!

  • http://fashionfitnessfoodie.wordpress.com fashion fitness foodie

    BAHAHA those fries looked AMAZING. until the pepper spill :)

  • http://www.cinnamonbums.wordpress.com Natalie

    Okay, I really love this post. Like really love it. Not only do avocado fries look and sound incredible, but I love your thoughts about mixing things up and pushing outside of your comfort zone. I definitely find that I’m in ruts, and often “scared” to deviate from them. But you’re right–life’s simply too short not to!

    Loving that pumpkin shake too. And Tera’s Whey is awesome. <3

  • Soo @ Little Miss Fitness

    Talk about ruts…I’ve had pancakes for breakfast the last four mornings! Awww yea….definitely stuck! :)

    Would love you to post nutritional info on your recipes! Congrats on your first day! What an amazing job! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • http://www.healthydivaeats.com Katie



    These look amazing! I have never even seen avocado fries before, I think this should be a menu option when dining out! Yum!

    Hi Brad! mY afro twin! haha! Love it! can’t wait to meet him, I should rock my afro ; )

    Love the pumpkin pie shake, and I hope you find the damn pumpkin ice cream too!

    LOVE you! Thank you again for the goodies!

  • http://lovesweatandbeers.wordpress.com/ Tiff

    I’m usually good about not indulging in fried goodies, but I have my favs. I’m a huge fan of friend shrimp (popcorn shrimp) with hushpuppies and fried cheese. Yum!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Oh my goodness, that meal sounds amazing. Fried cheese is one of my favs too. :-)

  • http://glitzglamgranola.com/ Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    What a wonderful, beautifully written post! I think you are so right that it is really important to step outside of our comfort zone and try new things! I tend to get in food ruts myself just because sometimes I like eating the same things all the time. But I also love trying new things so I need to mix it up more often! That first smoothie looks like a milkshake! Did you just blend the protein powder with ice?

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Thanks, Emily! I used unsweetened almond milk and ice in the smoothie. Easy peasy! xoxo

  • Katheryn Limback

    HA! I love the risquΓ© avocado pic. Favorite food? Pasta, hands down. Love your blog. :)

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Thanks, Katheryn! Pasta is pretty amazing.

  • Gina S

    Omg I want, no NEED these fries. I’m obsessed with fries especially sweet potato fries but these sound to die for. Hope you’re well my love! xoxo

  • Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun

    That is genius! Sounds so delicious.

  • Sally

    So I really need to try your avocado fries! But I have a feeling they’d taste a lot better if you helped, so I may wait until the holidays. :) Stepping out of your rut is probably like a breath of fresh air…invigorating! My favorite fried food?? Not sure. Let me get back to you on that one. :) So happy you’re loving your internship!

  • http://thisitalianfamily.wordpress.com/ Rach

    What a good idea! Now I’m really curious what these would taste like, haha! I love fried pickles… and fried okra! YUM!

  • espressobean

    Hi Brad and Alec! Congratulations on your new internship. I am also feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed at learning 300 + student and faculty names at my new position. Good luck with everything! Those Avocado Fries look delicious! My newest favorite fried food is sweet potato fries. (From Westville of course!) Fall is favorite season. I love when the weather begins to cool down. It is the perfect air/time for running outside. I also always look forward to seeing the leaves chance colors and I love the “crunch” sound you hear when walking through them. Also, I love apples, going apple picking, and baking some yummy apple treats for the next month with all the apples I picked!

  • Just-jac dot com

    Omg that looks amazing, where’s mine?? the pumpkin smoothie looks good too … but seriously, avacado fries?!!! who/why haven’t I thought of that?!!

    miss you girl!! was thinking about you today!

  • Pingback: Avocado Addiction | The Grass Skirt()

  • http://findingmyselfinthekitchen.wordpress.com Rocio

    Mmm… yum, I would’ve never thought to do that but now i’ll be thinking about it all day :)
    I had a similar week this week where without really trying the hubby and I did things that were out of our routine and I honestly ended up feeling more fulfilled this week. I am definitely a creature of habit and I need to shake that more often. Thanks for sharing and keep living life to the fullest!

  • Cara @ Chic Meets Healthy

    OMG Sara!! We are so alike. I literally bought 2 avocados 2 days ago because I was planning on doing something similar but making tacos out of it! Now that you are a pro with breading and frying them you need to make tacos, I saw them at a food truck and knew I had to make them at home esp now that I dont eat reg meats!

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      Oh. my. gosh. yum. (!!!) I *definitely* need to make fried avocado tacos! Talk about amazing. Let me know if you make them and how they turn out! xoxo

  • Baking Serendipity

    Love avocado! I’ve never fried it before, but it sounds fantastic :)

  • http://eatliveandblog.wordpress.com/ Kim N.

    Those avocado fries looks amazing! I really want to try one now. :)

    • http://www.nourish-and-flourish.net Sara Stewart

      I wish I could send you one (or two or three)!

  • http://www.healthifulbalance.blogspot.com Shannon @ Healthiful Balance

    Those avocado fries look good! :)

  • http://www.flopoodle.com Kathryn @ Flopoodle

    This post made me so hungry. I am now craving avocado and pumpkin haha! Deep frying avocado is pretty genius, by the way!

  • http://mindrunningwild.wordpress.com/ mindrunningwild

    wow I can’t be more proud! I wont go near the deep fryer although I think it would probably taste better than I tell myself it would. I don’t like avocados but I’d love to do that with sweet potatoes if I could ever let myself haha. Did they taste more like fried things or avocados, you know?
    I love the looks of that smoothie as well. Sounds like the perfect ending to a perfect day. So much fun I can’t wait until my siblings are adults and we can have some fun.
    I think nutrition facts for recipes is a good thing, some people want them. Or you could not and people could type them into a data base. I suppose it’s all up to you!

  • http://www.livinglindsay.com LivingLindsay

    Yum! I saw an appetizer for avocado fries somewhere and can’t remember where! But I know I wanted to order them and didn’t! I can imagine that they would be so good – crunchy and creamy at the same time! :)
    My fave fried food – probably good old fashioned french fries. Straight out of the frying basket :)

  • Anonymous

    what a GENIUS idea to deep fry an avacado! haha its like an oxymoron but so genius at that! and i bet deep frying is such a fun exeperience. seriously i guess there is nothing that can’t be deep fried!

  • Kissmybroccoli

    Yum! I’ve been wanting to try avocado fries for a while now! I really need to get on that! LOVE avocado!

    I can’t believe I’ve never thought to add cottage cheese to my protein shakes! What a great way to squeak in a little more protein. And that pumpkin pie shake looks fantastic!

    Favorite fried food: I’m a sucker for fried mozzarella sticks…always have…always will be!

  • http://foodfash.com Kristin @ FoodFash

    I always steal a few avocado slices too, I just can’t help myself!

  • http://lifesabowl.wordpress.com/ Allison

    Congrats on your first day! I hope it was everything you were hoping it would be :) Looks like you had a fun-filled, fried day!

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