by Sara on August 24, 2010

I bought one dozen locally farmed eggs at the Saturday Market over the weekend. Typically I purchase eggs at the grocery store, because for some reason, I've always deemed them "safer." However, considering the recent egg recall on mass-produced eggs, I'm relieved that I paid a little extra for those laid on a farm located just 15 miles from my home. 

I've been enjoying my fresh eggs more than ever this week, and think they might appreciate a little bit of lovin' (since they've definitely been enduring a lot of hatin'!)':  

Dear Egg,

We’ve had a rocky relationship over the years, but today I
want to tell you that from here on out, our status will no longer read “It’s
Complicated.” (as long as you don't contain salmonella!)

Consider this my ode to you.



As a little girl, I loved you most in egg salad form.



And squealed with delight when I was given the green light to enjoy you sandwiched between an English
muffin at Mickey D's (road trips only!).

Later in life I shunned you because you contain fat.

But loved you again when I found out you are carb-free.

I once boycotted your cholesterol.

But loved  that I could avoid that cholesterol by separating
you into two parts—yolk and white—and that I could just eat the white.

Today, however, I’m embracing you in whole form. And I’m thanking you for your
versatility, your amino acids, and your ability to create incredible luscious
baked goods

I’m enjoying you in your entirety because when consumed whole, you are one of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world!

You contain all essential protein, minerals and vitamins (except
Vitamin C), including:

(one of few foods that contain this naturally)

(necessary for healthy cell development, including those involved with metabolism)

*Lutein (good for the eyes because
it helps prevent cataracts and muscular degeneration)

*Folate (crucial for red cell formation and proper fetal development)

I’m enjoying you in your entirety because you taste best that

And let’s not beat around the bush: without you there’d be no chocolate chip
cookies, no flourless peanut butter cookies (thanks, Julie!), no cakes, no soufflés, no

And no dinners like this:



(Adapted from Everyday Food)

Serves 2


2 large beefsteak tomatoes

coarse salt and ground pepper

1/4 cup corn kernels (fresh or frozen)

2 large eggs

1 t. chopped fresh chives

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a small baking dish with aluminum foil or parchment paper.

2. Cut off the tops of the tomatoes, and gently spoon out the center. Place tomatoes in the baking dish and sprinkle well with salt and pepper.

3. Divide corn among tomatoes. In a small bowl, whisk together eggs, chives, and 2 T. Parmesan. Season well with salt and pepper. Divide the egg mixture evenly among the tomatoes and top with remaining Parmesan.

4. Bake for 45 minutes and serve.

These were so easy! 

You can experiment with the filling and add whatever ingredients your heart desires. Some ideas:

  • chopped spinach and feta
  • smoked salmon
  • caramelized onions
  • turkey bacon
  • broccoli and cheese (cheddar or Parmesan would be yummy!)

A few other egg recipes I love include:

Mediterranean-Style Frittata

Parmesan Spinach Cakes

Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Goat Cheese

And check out Fitness Magazine's healthy egg recipes here.

***Egg Safety Tips*** 


  • The likelihood that an egg contains salmonella is 0.005%, making your risk of contracting illness VERY low.
  • Make sure to cook your eggs thoroughly! Food-borne illnesses are associated with undercooked eggs (aka runny yolks). To ENSURE safe egg consumption, bring the egg to 160 degrees F. This temperature kills bacteria like salmonella.
  • Store fresh eggs in the refrigerator no longer than 4-5 weeks.
  • Store hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator no longer than one week.
  • Before adding an egg to a batter or dish, always crack it in a separate bowl. This allows you to detect a foul smell (meaning the egg is bad), before you "ruin" the dish.

Don't eat in fear, JUST BE SAFE AND ENJOY! :-)

What's your favorite way to eat an egg?

Do you have any egg dishes that you'd like to share? (links welcome!)

  • Julie

    Those eggs look AMAZING! I’m going to try them…I love the idea of adding spinach and feta.
    My favorite way to eat an egg is over easy (aka “dippy eggs”), but I guess that’s not the safest way to go! :-( I also love making Eggs Benedict…but a healthy version. :-)
    Try this recipe!

  • Lovelemonly

    Hey soon-to-be roomie! Wanted to let you know a few things: One, I loved the freedom shining through this post! Yay <3
    Two, my childhood favorite was also the dippy egg, but without any intentional diet conciousness, my longtime favorite has been the whites of hard boiled eggs! (The occasionaly English Muffin appreciated!)
    Three, can't wait to make the health version of Eggs Benedict!
    Four, since aparently I'm running out of room - you should really contemplate sampling our duck eggs. Organic, local, with love from really happy ducks :)

  • Sara

    Duck eggs?! I’d love to try them! I’m really intrigued by large eggs too–like ostrich eggs! I bet one could feed an entire family! haha

  • homecookedem

    I’m trying to eat eggs at least once a day right now b/c I’ve heard they are super foods when you are pregnant and help so much with the healthy development of the baby. I need to make some egg salad to take for lunch this week. I loooooove egg salad!! :)

  • Alycia [Fit n Fresh]

    Mmmm girl you are making me HUNGRY! I love eggs, so many ways! I’m gonna have to try pretty much all of those recipes :)

  • Christina @ Food.Fun.Fabulous

    I love eggs made simple – either scrambled or hard-boiled!

  • Sally

    What a great post! I love your “Ode to Egg”…so cute. And that baked tomato with egg and parmesan looks delish. I’ve always loved eggs in popovers for breakfast…with a little butter and fresh raspberry jam. I used to make coddled eggs in cute little English egg coddlers. :) I’m sure the egg-world is thanking you for giving them a cheer!

  • Alex @ IEatAsphalt

    I don’t care what anyone says but once you have farm fresh eggs you can never look back. Grocery store eggs taste like cardboard to me now. Now I just need to find such eggs in the DC area.

  • Tina

    I adore eggs! Especially scrambled or omelet form. I love how they are so versatile too.

  • katie

    Hey girlfrand!!! I LOVE me some eggs!! SOOO GOOD!! I just had one yesterday overeasy on top of spicy meatloaf w. cheddar cheese! YUM!! I eat almost one every day.. i hate that some ppl give em a bad rep!
    hope you are doing well girl!! email me if you need anything!

  • Katie @ Health for the Whole Self

    I love how free and liberated you sound in this post! And that egg-in-tomato dish looks heavenly! Wowza!

  • Meagan @ Mutritious Nuffins

    I get eggs from a local farm, they have an orange yoke, and they taste so delicious.

  • Katie

    this post is EGG-CELLENT!!!!!!!!!! hehehe!!!
    Im loving it! I actually make Mike a healthy eggmcmuffin style sandwich every morning for him to take to work for breakfast! We call it a Snugwich! It’s Snug, because that is our nickname for eachother , lol!
    Hope you are great and I would LOVE to visit!! Once you are settled!

  • Angela (the diet book junkie)

    haha…i always crack my eggs in a seperate bowl because i always get shell in them 😛
    i don’t normally eat eggs, but i’ve been making them more often to up my protein intake. just plan ol’ scrambled is the way i roll.

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